Rico Nasty – “Nightmare Vacation” Review

Story posted December 9, 2020 in Arts & Entertainment by Caelan Chevrier.

Maryland rapper, singer-songwriter Rico Nasty has released her long-awaited debut album “Nightmare Vacation.”

Rico Nasty has grown a popular fanbase in the last few years through her several mixtapes and hit singles “Smack a B*tch” and “Poppin.” Her loud, raunchy and experimental styles are more deeply explored on the album, giving her versatility that stands out from her contemporaries.

“Nightmare Vacation” shows Rico Nasty grow as an artist, differentiating between tracks that sound more commercial and more tumultuous.

The record features production from well-known producers such as Buddah Bless, CashMoneyAP, Kenny Beats, Take A Daytrip and 100gecs. Each producer has its own unique production style, which diversifies the track list.

Nearly every song sounds different from each other. Rico Nasty is well able to adapt to each instrumental through rapping and singing.

On “IPHONE,” Dylan Brady of 100gecs creates a hyperpop banger that is extremely catchy and fun. Nasty’s vocals are pitched up and are drenched in autotune, but then are later taken back to reveal her real voice, which sounds incredible.

The collaboration wasn’t something that fans knew they needed, but it is by far one of the most outstanding tracks on the record.

The following track, “STFU,” is one of the more offensive and angry songs on the record. In just over two minutes, Nasty exclaims “shut the f*ck up” 25 times at the top of her lungs. The punchy drums and lead synth help to bring the intensity as well.

There are influences of metal on a few of the tracks, too.

On the “Smack a B*tch” remix, the crunchy guitar riff shows yet another side of Nasty’s talent. On “Let it Out” Nasty screams so loud that it’s hard to tell how she did not lose her voice.

It is almost headache-inducing, but it is sure to get people going in the mosh pits.

The album's themes surround sex, money and violence. “If I see you in the street, b*tch your a** is done | I don't need your opinion | Do what I f*cking want | You such a f*cking chump” she raps on her 2018 single that made the cut. She also dives into heartbreak and loneliness, but for the most part she is confident, and it seems like nothing is stopping her.

There are a fair number of features on the tracks too: Aminé, Don Toliver, Gucci Mane, Trippie Redd and even TikTok star ppcocaine. Unfortunately, each of the features are sort of a hit or miss.

The Don Toliver and Gucci Mane song is one of the more accessible on the record, yet falls short because of how generic it is. Toliver’s inflection on the latter end of the chorus sounds very awkward and a little off-putting. The Trippie Redd song, unfortunately, runs into the same issues.

Aminé steps up delivering a powerful verse, and then later trading bars back and forth with Nasty. It is clear to see that they have good chemistry, and she even refers to him later on in another song.

The album's closer has Rico grouped up with 3 others who can match her energy, and the “Smack a B*tch” remix comes off as better than the original.

Overall, “Nightmare Vacation” is a record that has more hits than misses and will be sure to keep fans satisfied. Rico Nasty demonstrates that she is more than a one-trick pony and that she is a natural-born entertainer. This record is her best piece of work yet and is a quality debut overall.

Rating: 7/10

Reviewer’s Favorite Songs: “IPHONE,” “STFU,” “Back & Forth,” “Own It,” “OHFR?”

Reviewer’s Least Favorite Song: “P*ssy Poppin”

Caelan Chevrier is a freshman majoring in journalism. To contact him, email cjc6789@psu.edu.

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