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Story posted December 2, 2020 in Arts & Entertainment by Jack Freiser.

“Run” is the sophomore effort by director Aneesh Chaganty. Chaganty’s first film was the critically acclaimed “Searching,” which came out in 2018. “Run” is very different from Chaganty’s first film, but it is equally amazing.

The two main actresses in this movie are absolutely incredible. They deliver two of the best performances of the year. Sarah Paulson shines as a crazy mother, willing to do anything to keep her daughter safe. Paulson has played many damsels in distress, but this was the first film where she was the villain.

Paulson is terrifying in this film and keeps the audience engaged in every single scene she is in. Paulson does not overact, which was a big worry going into the film. Her character has many layers, and her performance allows the audience to go inside the mind of a psychopath.

Newcomer Kiera Allen also delivers a phenomenal performance. Allen, who is disabled in real life, shines as the protagonist. She is very intelligent and works as a fantastic action star.

It is quite unbelievable how Allen can perform all these action stunts while being disabled in real life. She has the potential to become a huge star.

Her character Chloe is very likeable, and Allen’s portrayal is honest and innocent. Both leads do an awesome job, and their performances will definitely stick in the audience’s mind.

The writing in this film is also fantastic. The writers take a basic premise and add a ton of depth to the story. This movie is so suspenseful and that is helped by the brilliant writing.

There are many clever plot twists, and the story is very intelligent. Each character is written perfectly, and the story stays interesting throughout, even though most of the movie takes place in a small house.

There are no plot holes, and each twist is warranted and necessary for the plot. This movie also lasts in the audience's mind for a while once it’s over.

The directing in this film is also noteworthy. Chaganty does an incredible job making this film so suspenseful. The cinematography is beautiful, and there are also many shots that are terrifying and remarkable. The tight scenery of the house adds the claustrophobia the film induces.

This is without a doubt one of the best movies of the year, if not the best. Everything in the movie is remarkable. Nothing seems derivative, and the suspense in this film is quite masterful. All the performances in this film are spectacular, especially Paulson’s groundbreaking performance.

Chaganty made a near perfect film that has beautiful cinematography and brilliant writing. Everyone should give this movie a watch, especially if you are a thriller fan. “Run” represents suspense at its best.

Rating: 5/5


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