Self Taught Beatboxer at PSU

Story/Video posted March 31, 2021 in Arts & Entertainment by Annie Shih.


Ashley You is a freshman studying in Architecture at Penn State. You decided to join The Coda Conduct, a Penn State’s competitive all-gender a cappella group, this year to entrance her love of music. 

The growth of her love for music started when she was in kindergarten. You said, most Asian parents would force their kids to learn piano, but unlike other people who ended up hating it, she actually enjoyed it. After learned how to play piano, You began to explore other instruments, mostly learned by herself. 

One of an impressive talents You learned by herself is beatbox. You never learned from any profession or taken any beatbox class, and all she did was going on Youtube and learned some basic skills. 

You said music is a way to express herself, and music lifts her mood all the time.