“She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” Episode 4 Review

Story posted September 11, 2022 in Arts & Entertainment by Logan Bourandas.

Marvel’s newest Disney Plus series is now four episodes deep after its latest drop on Thursday.

After the ending of the Abomination trial storyline, the series wasted no time jumping to a few new ones.

This episode introduces Donnie Blaze, a struggling magician who owns a ring seen in the Doctor Strange movies and defected from Kamar-Taj.

Blaze is losing the attention of his audience in his show and uses the ring's power to send an audience member to another dimension and eventually into the bedroom of Wong who has already made an appearance in this series and is in the middle of a Sopranos episode.

While some thought the court case in the last episode would be the last time we see Wong, it was not as if he goes to Jennifer Walters to ask her to represent him in the case against Blaze.

Note, that I did not refer to Walters by her superhero name, and we’ll get to that later.

While most of the episode revolves around the court case, it does focus on Walters’ tough dating life, to say the least.

After struggling to meet someone like Walters (using her headshot from work didn’t help!), she eventually switches to her “She-Hulk” persona, which proves to have a similar result until she eventually meets someone, who she spends the night with.

Back to the case, the initial trial between Wong and Blaze doesn’t work in the protagonists' favor as they can’t prevent Blaze from preventing what he calls his livelihood despite Wong’s plea that what he is doing is dangerous.

During that successful date that Walters is on, however, Blaze starts to understand those dangers releasing demons out of a portal he opens during a show, and the situation gets out of hand.

He begs Wong for help who then calls Walters leading to a fun and unexpected team-up. The two take care of the demons and in the process make Blake agree to quit using the ring in his shows.

Now we get to why I didn’t call Walters by her superhero name as much.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger as Walters hears the news that Titania, yes that Titania from the end of the first episode, is suing Walters over the trademark of the name “She-Hulk.”

Should be fun to see how that escalates, but this episode was probably the most well-rounded of the series thus far.

While it was mostly law stuff, the episode did feature a good amount of Jen’s personal life, as well as her superhero alter-ego and even found a way to mix the two.

If any Marvel fans wanted to know what Wong’s favorite drink was, you know that now too.

It’s Gin and Tonic by the way.

Rating: 4.5/5

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