Singer-Songwriter With Music In Her Blood

Story/Video posted March 18, 2020 in Arts & Entertainment by Kayla Simmons.


With a bassist for a father and an opera singer for a brother, Chayla Gilkey has music in her DNA to say the least.

Gilkey is a freshman majoring in Advertising who describes her connection to music as "addiction". Gilkey is a self taught pianist and singer-songwriter who credits her father and her religious upbringing for her early appreciation of music.

She says she considers her music taste to be rather eclectic and has performed a number of different genres such as indie, gospel, rock, pop, and RnB. Though she does not plan to pursue a career in music, Gilkey says music will remain forever ingrained in her life and she still plans to keep performing.

She is also working on putting a video together to promote her new song in the upcoming months.