Singles Round Up: April 25

Story posted May 1, 2022 in Arts & Entertainment by CommRadio Arts & Entertainment Department.

CommRadio's Arts and Entertainment Department takes a look at some of the recently released singles from the past week.

“2step (feat. Lil Baby)” - Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is back again with his second release of 2022.

Since the release of his 2021 album “=”, Sheeran has been rereleasing some of the tracks with added features from other artists.

Earlier this year, Sheeran rereleased “The Joker and the Queen” with longtime best friend and fellow music artist, Taylor Swift. This release was accompanied by a music video that continued the narrative of the children in “Everything Has Changed”.

With these re-releases, Sheeran has also been branching out of his pop-folk roots and collaborating with artists including J.Balvin, Fireboy DML, Camila Cabello, and, as of last Friday, Lil Baby.

In the pop-rap track “2step,” Sheeran combines his usual guitar fingerpicking style with hip-hop production beats.

The track starts with a guitar riff that plays in the background up to the end of the song. The different effects layered onto the original riff seamlessly combined it with the hip-hop elements.

That being said, Sheeran is no stranger to incorporating rap into his music. He has done so most famously “Don’t” and “Sing”.

Not only does the English singer-songwriter showcase his rap skills, but in the music video, Sheeran breaks out some dance moves with the rest of the dance ensemble. Considering he is singing about “Two-stepping with the woman I love,” it seems fitting that he shows his moves first.

The music video was shot in Kyiv, Ukraine before Russian attacks, which was revealed by the first frame of the music video.

In the open letter, Sheeran expresses his support for Ukraine and pledged to donate all royalties made from the YouTube video to the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC)’s Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

This incorporation has most commonly led to success for previous tracks, so it would come as no surprise to hear this track filling the radio airwaves soon enough. - Abby Chachoute.

“Another” - Muni Long

Muni is an R&B artist who recently made her mark with her debut EP, “Public Displays of Affection.” The EP featured her first hit song, “Hrs and Hrs,” which went platinum with over 150 million streams. 

Before releasing her own content, the vocalist spent years behind the scenes, writing songs for artists such as Chris Brown, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Ariana Grande, and Rihanna.

Muni Long is already seeing more success with the release of her new single, “Another.”

“Another” is essentially a warning to the man she is interested in.

She lets him know that there are other men lined up, hoping to engage in a relationship with her.

However, she’s not looking to pursue romance with someone else. She has experienced much within her relationship and is not ready to move on and have similar experiences in another.

Muni Long wants the man she is interested in to commit to her and elevate their relationship.

The artist is just getting started and more music can be expected soon. - Jah-Preece Landrum

“Free” - Florence + the Machine

With the release of their single, “Free,” Florence + the Machine adds another track to their upcoming album, “Dance Fever.”

Similar to their single released earlier this year, “Free” seems to focus on producing a feel-good beat, while commenting on the importance of finding small joys in an ever-changing world.

Opening with fast-paced acoustic strumming and a techno beat, lead singer Florence Welch comes in with a cinematic echo to her voice.

The consistent peppy tune is juxtaposed in the beginning by anxiety-ridden lyrics. The song reaches its peak about halfway through when a realization is made in the chorus.

“When I’m dancing I’m free,” Welch sings about finding relief through her music during those hard times, though she never changes the tone of her voice.

If the rest of “Dance Fever” is anything like the whimsical sound of “Free” and their previous single, “King,” Florence + the Machine fans are in for a treat. - Megan Kelby

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