Singles Round-up: Oct. 24

Story posted October 24, 2022 in Arts & Entertainment by CommRadio Arts & Entertainment Department.

Singles round-up – The Arts and Entertainment Department takes a look at some of the recently released singles from the past week.


New York City-based group MICHELLE dropped its first single, a catchy genre-mixing track titled “PULSE,” following its second album’s release earlier this year.

A snappy electronic piano introduction leads into the poppy beat of “PULSE.” With lyrics like, “I feel your pulse from outside the room,” that could easily be found in a Tove Lo song, it delves into a magnetic pull between two strangers.

The pop-dance single does more than make heads bob. Periodic changes into the minor key, turntable squeaking and a splash of autotune at the end are masterfully employed to give the track more depth than just another club tune.

“PULSE” embodies the stereotypical New York City nightlife seen in movies. Strobing lights and a high energy scene would be the best way to experience this single.

- Megan Kelby

“Tell Me A Joke” - Quadeca

“Tell Me A Joke” was just released on Monday and it taps into all the emotions.

The artist Quadeca hits every level of depth, power and feels. This type of music is perfect for a long car ride at night, background music, and getting into your feelings to take your mind off of pain.

The genre, art pop, is so interesting because it can be interpreted in many ways. This artist is very dark and mysterious but hits the soul.

The cover picture for this single is very abstract. A piece like this is meant to have so much imagination behind every note and lyric.

Quadeca did an absolutely stellar job at creating this single. The creativeness and abstract level of depth to his music speaks volumes. This song is about making pain go away and this artist gets really personal with his songs.

I would definitely recommend this song to a friend.

- Olivia Anderson

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