Singles Round Up: Week of Sept. 13

Story posted September 15, 2021 in Arts & Entertainment by Adam Babetski, Jack Freiser, Caelan Chevrier.

Singles Round Up – The Arts and Entertainment Department take a look at some of the recently released singles from the past week.

"Lonely" - Lil Wayne & Dababy

DaBaby and Lil Wayne spill out their feelings on “Lonely,” their second collaboration in the last year. The track was announced via Dababy’s Twitter account claiming that his song is “Featuring The Best Rapper Alive.”

Many were pleased to find out that this was referring to New Orleans rap veteran, Lil Wayne.

DaBaby has recently fallen into hardships with his brother dying, and essentially being canceled for his comments at Rolling Loud. He raps about his isolation, and how he feels like he has no friends in the industry.

Both rappers kill their verses, especially Lil Wayne who has been immaculate on his features this year. DaBaby changes his flow in the second verse, which is beyond refreshing.

The song is produced by DJ K.i.D, who is responsible for various tracks on last year's “BLAME IT ON BABY,” along with Pilfinger & Benjamin Lasnier. The production is dissimilar from his previous two tracks, using a vocal sample and electronic sounding 808s.

The track by no means is DaBaby’s best work, but it should make fans excited for what is to come next. After all of the drama, only time will tell if DaBaby is capable of making a comeback, and this track is a good step. - Caelan Chevrier

TOMI - “If I Wasn’t Yours, Who Was I”

Pam Autuori, better known as TOMI, is a singer-songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. Since 2017, she has been frequently releasing singles and experimenting with many different, unique sounds.

Her latest single, “If I Wasn’t Yours, Who Was I” continues TOMI’s new pop-ballad sound.

Last month, TOMI released the eight minute long song “Lemon Tree.” The song was masterfully written and began a new chapter for the singer.

“If I Wasn’t Yours, Who Was I” is also incredibly beautiful. The lyrics are very poignant and nostalgic. TOMI reminisces about all the fond memories she has with her former lover.

The lyrics come from a place of true love, each line is quite extraordinary. The writing is very nuanced. The song is both very hopeful, but also soul crushing.

TOMI has an out of this world voice, and her voice truly shines on this production. The production is very low-key, however the strings and the gorgeous piano create a brilliant ambiance that fits the lyrics and her vocals incredibly.

TOMI’s voice truly shines throughout the track. Her falsetto is unbelievable and the power in her voice is truly unmatched. TOMI is able to be very vulnerable while also having the grit in her raspy vocals.

This is a truly beautiful song. TOMI sounds immaculate on the somber production. She’s a force to be reckoned with and these latest singles have proven that her versatility is unmatched.

This song is perfect for any fans of power ballads and also anyone in their feels hoping to reminisce about their life. - Jack Freiser

“Big Persona” - Maxo Kream ft. Tyler, the Creator

Tyler, the Creator ditched his funky “Igor” persona and returned to his rapping roots on his most recent album, “Call Me if You Get Lost.” He continues the trend on Maxo Kream’s latest single, “Big Persona.”

Tyler starts the song off with an uptempo verse before leading into a stadium-sized hook, chanting “Big money, big cars, big jewels.” He’s also responsible for the song’s eclectic instrumental, which combines blaring horns with chimes and old school drums.

Kream manages to serve as a feature on his own track and finally shows up in the second half. He doesn’t match Tyler’s energy, instead opting to phone in his verse with what could best be described as a lazy Gucci Mane impersonation.

Nevertheless, he’s gotten the ball rolling for his next project with a strong first single. - Adam Babetski

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