Singles Roundup 4-22

posted April 25, 2019 in Arts & Entertainment by CommRadio Arts & Entertainment Staff.

SZA, The Weeknd, Travis Scott - "Power Is Power"

Leading up to the premier of the final season of “Game of Thrones,” an album inspired by the show featuring many popular artists was teased, titled “For The Throne.” The first single off the album “Power Is Power” and is a solid indication that the rest of the album will be pretty good.

“Power Is Power” features verses from Travis Scott, SZA and The Weeknd, all of which give short but sweet performances that cater to each artists vocal strengths. These performances are boosted by the grimy instrumental that features glitchy drums and booming bass.

The song narrowly avoids feeling repetitive after multiple listens due to the multiple features on the songs. The song is paced well and does not overstay its welcome. If “Power Is Power” is any indication, the upcoming “For The Throne” album will surely be worth a listen, even for those who do not watch the show. – Zach Hall

Flying Lotus – "Fire is Coming"

The legendary electronic lo-fi artist Flying Lotus returns for the first time in five years with an album announced for May 24 and a brand new single to accompany it. "Fire Is Coming" features the talents of David Lynch, who appears on the track in a narrator type role. He is juxtaposed alongside a tense, increasingly suspenseful instrumental, combined with sound effects that do not leave any time for the listener to breathe.

The vibe, much like the composition of the track, is heavily distorted and all over the place, a style typically used by Flying Lotus in his attempts to bridge his songs together or experiment. This is a perfect taste of what's to come on this impending album, and could easily fall under one of Flying Lotus' more notable and unique styles.

"Fire Is Coming" proves that even after five years of not working on a full-length project, Flying Lotus still has the means to create an intriguing and mystifying track. – Jack Grossman

Four Tet – Teenage Birdsong

Following up the magnificent “Only Human,” Four Tet returns with another angelic display of production. Asserting his dominance within electronic music goes without saying.

Sometimes artists come along and master their craft to the point in which no one genre can simply describe what they make. From flipping an old Nelly Furtado track on his last release, to now mixing bird-like flute loops and the sounds of a bustling city to create “Teenage Birdsong," Four Tet is certainly one of those types of artists.

When dissecting “music” a lot of emphasis tends to be placed upon the lyrics, and rightfully so, but not enough credit goes to the producer. Creating these soundscapes previously unimagined from out of thin air, piece by piece in an artform unparallel. As the keys strike hard and the faintest of echoes are heard in the background, one can question just how on earth something like this is possible.

The album is still in the works and a release date following a phenomenal Coachella performance is soon to come. – Matthew Dunn



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