“Something From Tiffany’s” Movie Review

Story posted January 10, 2023 in Arts & Entertainment by Savannah Swartz.

The Amazon Prime original movie, “Something from Tiffany’s” gives us a Hallmark Christmas movie, but without the cringe.

Zoey Deutch, Kendrick Sampson and Shay Mitchell star in the holiday rom com. Along with that, it was produced by Reece Witherspoon.

At first glance, this film seems unexciting and appears to be yet another cheesy Christmas movie, but grows on the audience as it goes on. While it is predictable, the humor and lovable characters make up for that.

Starting out in a Tiffany store in New York, Ethan and his daughter Daisy are buying an engagement ring for his girlfriend, Vanessa. On their way out of the store they see Gary, who was just in Tiffany’s purchasing earrings as an anniversary gift for his girlfriend Rachel. As Gary crosses the street, he gets hit by a cab. He drops his bag and when Ethan goes to help him, they end up switching bags. This leads to a heap of trouble and confusion but has a sweet ending in the end.

While the beginning of the story is a bit cliche with the switching of bags, the rest of the movie is rather original. The writing is done very well and makes the story intriguing and the film desirable to finish.

Deutch does an incredible job with her delivery and timing of lines. Along with that she acted well with all the cast and made their interactions seem very natural.

It was surprising to see Mitchell in a straight relationship on screen due to her well known past roles, where it seems she has been typecast as a lesbian.

Leah Jefferies plays Daisy, and she is definitely the comedic relief to this movie. Her humor in the movie takes a second to set in, but she brings the laughs.

Every character has incredible one liners, especially Rachel’s best friends who work at her bakery. Oh yeah, she owns a restaurant which adds to the rom com cliche, yet she is not as annoying as would be expected for a character in this role.

For the most part, the wardrobe was done well for each character. They were all dressed like regular people that could be around New York, except for a few party scenes where character’s outfits were either ugly or tacky.

On the other hand, something the film did well was technology. The film is set in 2022 so the characters use text often and facetime occasionally. The graphics for these scenes were easy to see and identify and did not seem awkward in the movie.

The soundtrack included sappy love songs but incorporated them in a cute and relevant way. One of the songs being “Bring it on Home to me” by Sam Cook. But of course, what would be a rom com without joking about holding a boombox up above you head? A stereotype that lives on in this movie.

Overall, this movie exceeded expectations. It was funny, relatable and all in all a feel-good movie for the holidays. It is worth watching and would be fun to watch with family and friends this season.

Rating: 4/5

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