Student Taught Guitarist

Story/Video posted October 14, 2019 in Arts & Entertainment by Marissa Hasson.


Natalie Perri is a Senior Resource Management student at Penn State University, but in her free time she plays the guitar and writes songs. Perri started learning how to play the guitar last year over Christmas break from her father. Perri says she has enjoyed having this hobby to share with her dad that has brought them closer. Her dad has been playing her whole life and is excited she is enthusiastic about learning to play. She then brought a guitar back to school and decided to continue learning on her own. Perri then took the next step in the process and began writing her own songs this past summer. She is inspired by many different things in her life. She says, "I've found that writing songs has been a very therapeautic process for me.  It is a very personal thing."

Perri has yet to perform live in front of an audience but hopes to get their one day. She aspires to play in front of a crowd one day, but says she wants to get more comfortable with her abilities first. For now she mostly plays alone and with a group of her friends at Penn State that also play the guitar and enjoy music. Her ultimate goal is to learn how to play the electric guitar and possibly join a band.

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