Loyalty the key to running a successful bar

Story/Video posted April 2, 2018 in Arts & Entertainment by Darius Williams-McKenzie.


Chris Rosengrant has been the owner of the Den since 2004, a famous night club in downtown State College, PA. He runs with a very select team of loyal people who he trusts. He says this feeling of being part of a team means he never has a hard time looking for workers like other bars to in State College. Many of his own workers pass down their jobs to people that they think would be a good fit for him.

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Rosengrant comes from a big family in Wilkes- Barre, PA where he didn’t have much. He is one of the back bones of his family with his successful business he is always willing to help his family out whenever he can. His grandmother is still alive and well and he still keeps in contact with her. His sisters are an inspiration for him to work harder because they help with the family. Chris’ father taught him to work hard.

Rosengrant is a sweat shirt and jeans type of person. He’s not really into the fancy art, or jewelry or anything. He does like a couple of nice cars like a Lincoln Navigator of Cadillac Escalade. Rosengrant enjoys peace and quiet, his dogs and working out at the gym as his hobbies.

Rosengrant is a former Body Builder and got into it because he had to learn how to fight. His Dad had a gym set in the family basement and it took over from there. Chris said Body Building taught him about leadership, discipline, consistency and fundamentals that Rosengrant credits for being why he is so successful.

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Chris Rosengrant also rescues abused dogs. He owns seven of them. He says he kind of just fell into that business when seeing abused dogs who are in need of a good care taker. Chris and his wife Bridgette have been rescuing dogs for about 7 years. They have one dog who has lost her left eye. They only brought out the dogs that are pretty much well behaved and not the ones that could cause a problem.

Rosengrant has pictures of his dogs in the Den behind his bar. Rosengrant says loyalty are what dogs shows and since these dogs were abused he believes they are loyal because they show him and Bridgette so much love due to their unfortunate circumstance’s they had before.