“The Babysitter: Killer Queen” Review

Story posted September 14, 2020 in Arts & Entertainment by Jack Freiser.

“The Babysitter,” an over the top horror comedy directed by McG was released in 2017 as a Netflix original to the praise of both critics and audiences. When a sequel was announced, many people were ecstatic to watch all of the film’s amazing characters back in action.

This sequel, “The Babysitter: Killer Queen” did not let the audience down.

Now, this is in no regards a great movie, but it sure is fun.

This movie upped the humor, the kills and the gore from the original. However, it did have a rocky start. The first 20 minutes weren’t great. The jokes weren't landing, and it was more cringy than it was enjoyable.

Luckily, the remainder of the film did not remain lackluster. The movie did a complete 180 as soon as the main location switched from a high school to a beautiful lake. Ultimately, McG impressed as a director. There are many astonishing shots in this movie. Although the movie is over the top, it is produced very professionally.

The script writing was another strong area for the film. Other than those first 20 minutes, there was cunning humor and many unpredictable twists. The writers upped their game, giving each character more depth and a larger personality than in the first film.

The acting in the film was also noteworthy. Judah Lewis did a great job creating a loveable lead in Cole. Audiences can find themselves really rooting for Cole, which was mostly thanks to Lewis’ solid acting.

Also, Jenna Ortega was an excellent addition to the cast as Phoebe. She’s a very intricate and intriguing character, and Ortega was the perfect actress for this role.

The other two memorable actors were Andrew Bachelor (John) and Bella Thorne (Allison). Although they were both comic relief characters, they each really shined in their roles. They were hilarious every time they were on screen and there was never a dull moment between either of them.

Emily Alyn Lind, who plays Melanie, was the only actor in the film that fell flat. Her acting was not on par with everyone else, even the two child actors who did great work. Her acting was over the top and it was really hard to take her integral character seriously.

Another impressive part of this movie were the cinematic effects. The deaths were so much more gruesome in this movie than the first. They were so over the top and bloody; the makeup and CGI teams deserve a round of applause for making such insane deaths look realistic.

This was such a fun movie. If you loved the first film, you will love this one. Although it was not as good as the first, it will put a smile on your face all the way through. The whole cast and crew did an awesome job following up a near perfect movie.

Rating: 4/5


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