“The Bad Batch” Season 2, Episode 14 Review: “Tipping Point”

Story posted March 28, 2023 in Arts & Entertainment by Kylie Barton.

Let the road to the finale begin! This episode brings together the events of the season and gets viewers ready for the two-episode finale the coming week. Warning, spoilers ahead.

We get a look at what Rex and Echo have been up to. They’ve built a small network of clones, both in and outside the Empire to help free their brothers that are waking up to what’s being done to them.

Echo, Gregor, and two new clones attack an Imperial ship carrying three clone prisoners. Howzer, from season one episode 11 and 12, is one of them. The group is able to escape and get a copy of part of the ship’s data before it is all wiped.

Riyo Chuchi is still at the center of the action, speaking as the clone network’s voice in the Senate. With the ship's data encrypted, she lets Echo go to find someone who can crack it.

We also get a look at what has been happening on Mount Tantiss as well. Crosshair is there along with multiple other clone prisoners. He meets Doctor Royce Hemlock, who we learn was expelled from the Republic Science Corps because of his unauthorized and unorthodox experiments.

Hemlock needs Crosshair to tell him how to find his old squad, Clone Force 99. Crosshair quickly realizes he is after Omega. Refusing to say anything, Hemlock brings in an interrogator droid to make him talk.

After some time, and some sloppy work by TK-trooper, Crosshair can get the trooper’s gun and gain the upper hand. He is able to escape but doesn’t look for a way out of the facility, he finds a way to contact the batch. He says, “Plan 88” and tells them that the empire is after the kid.

We jump to Pabu, where Omega is taking flying lessons from Tech where Echo makes his return to the Batch. We get a beautiful Echo and Omega reunion and Echo mentions that he needs Tech to decrypt the data he got off the imperial ship.

While waiting for Tech, Hunter tells Echo that he thinks staying on Pabu may be what’s best for them. As Echo talks to Hunter about what he’s been doing, Hunter questions when it’ll be enough. The question goes unanswered as Tech announces he has the data ready.

The batch learns that the ship belonged to the Advanced Science Division, something that has an unknown purpose and location. There is a long list of clones that have been sent there, and Tech says that Crosshair is one of them.

Wrecker asks what everyone was thinking and questions whether Crosshair had turned on the Empire. Tech also brings up Crosshair’s transmission regarding Plan 88, The Seeker, which means that they are being hunted.

Hunter is hesitant since Crosshair has set traps for them before and rightfully so. Hunter is responsible for his squad, he’s accountable for keeping Omega safe. Crosshair has shown from previous actions that he can’t be trusted.

The episode ends with Hemlock getting Crosshair back in custody and his torture continues unless he tells him how to find the batch.

With only two episodes left tension is high. How will the Bad Batch react to Crosshair’s warning? Will Crosshair get to come home? This episode is what fans have been waiting for. Things are now starting to come together and it's hard to tell if the season will end happily ever after, or on a suspenseful cliffhanger.

Rating: 4.5/5

Kylie Barton is a first-year student majoring in Film Production. To contact her email kmb8141@psu.edu