“The Bad Batch” Season 2, Episode 15 Review: “The Summit”

Opinion posted April 3, 2023 in Arts & Entertainment by Kylie Barton.

Tension is high as the two-part finale begins. With Crosshair’s warning message, the Batch tries to figure out a way to find the brother and free him from the Empire’s Advanced Science Division.

WARNING, spoilers ahead.

Echo learns that Hemlock is to attend a meeting at Tarkin’s compound, this is the meeting Tarkin mentions to Hemlock in the previous episode.

Hunter is hesitant to lead his squad into a very dangerous mission that must be precise to pull off.

It’s understandable, he’s been stressed about this squad’s safety, and this squad also understands why he’d be hesitant. Tech makes the point, though they’ve disagreed with Crosshair in the past, he is still their brother.

As they prepare to leave Phee approaches Tech, who seems to ignore her. Phee isn’t amused as their small interaction is tense. Tech acts very differently towards her than in previous episodes, to the viewer, for reasons unknown.

On Eriadu, Hemlock arrives at Tarkin’s compound, built into the top of a mountain.  The meeting consisted of ranking officers within the Empire.

Director Krennic from Rogue One makes an appearance. As he is asked about project Stardust, Jyn’s theme from the film can be heard in the background, a cool easter egg for Rogue One fans.

The Batch arrives on the planet and infiltrates the compound. But something is off, they discover multiple different systems are offline, including surveillance.

While Hunter, Tech and Echo investigate, Omega and Wrecker are tasked with putting the tracker on Hemlock’s ship.

Meanwhile, in the imperial meeting, it becomes known that Hemlock has been using decommissioned clones as test subjects for his experiments.

There is a threat of a clone uprising if they find out what is being done to them and their brothers.

While Omega shows off some of her training when placing the beacon on Hemlock’s ship, Hunter and Tech find explosives in the facility, and run into someone no one was expecting to see again in this series, Saw Gerrera.

His plan is to level the facility and all the imperials inside it, the tension only grows as now the two groups are at odds since the Batch needs Hemlock to leave the facility in order to track him.

They are spotted by Stormtroopers and the blaster battle begins

The Batch is able to escape on one of the train carts that provides transportation into the compound through the air, so high you can’t even see the ground. Gerrera’s crew takes a shuttle instead.

Things go south when Gerrera ignites the explosives and the compound’s power goes out, which causes the rail line the batch is on to stop. The Batch finds themselves stuck thousands of feet above the ground, with no land nearby, stranded in the air.

This episode had great tension and suspense and brought Rogue One fans plenty of things to be excited about. Viewers are seeing more and more ties into what we see in the original and the sequel trilogy.

It has been a minute since we’ve seen the Batch in military mode.

They are set on trying to find their brother and bring him home. The episode created a great build-up for this two-part finale and the suspense is at intense levels as we enter this season’s final episode.

Rating: 4.5/5

Kylie Barton is a first-year student majoring in Film Production. To contact her email kmb8141@psu.edu.