“The Bad Batch” Season 2, Episode 9 “The Crossing” Review

Opinion posted February 20, 2023 in Arts & Entertainment by Adrianna Gallucci.

“The Bad Batch” returned from its two-episode run last Wednesday to another adventure episode, this time without one of its main cast members.

The squad, now Echo-less, is running a mission for Cid to mine Ipsum, a radioactive material.

While Hunter, Tech and Omega go inside the mine, Wrecker is supposed to keep a lookout but doesn’t realize that the team’s ship has been stolen.

On their way to look for a hideout, a stampede comes, and Wrecker loses the Ipsum.

The Batch goes inside another mine to take cover when Tech and Omega get into a rift over Echo leaving.

Tech says that the squad existed before Echo and will continue to exist after him and that the squad needs to adapt and continue to do what they do, to which Omega gets upset and abandons them.

Tech goes to apologize (at the discretion of Hunter and Wrecker), but he and Omega get trapped in the bottom of the mine. The two of them have to work together to get themselves out, and they resolve their differences.

Once the squad gets out of the mine, they find an abandoned spaceport and make a call to Cid, who says that she can’t come to rescue them and that they need to find a way back themselves.

This episode obviously does not compare to last week’s, but it also wasn’t the worst this series has seen.

There was a lot of Tech character development, something that the first season severely lacked.

Both of his dialogues with Omega were great. He recognizes the fact that, because of his enhancement, he processes things differently but still assures Omega that her emotions are valid.

This season has been the season of Tech so far with his arc in the first three episodes of the season and this episode highlighting his emotions. For a character that’s been used as both a doomsday sayer and comic relief, it’s nice to see a serious side to this character for once.

This episode highlighted how much the squad struggled without Echo. For season one and most of season two, Echo was overlooked by everybody else’s problems, and it always felt like the trauma he went through during season seven of “The Clone Wars” was never discussed in any of the series.

Overall, this wasn’t the best episode in the series, but the dialogue and finally addressing Omega’s emotional relation to the rest of the squad put this episode a step above the rest.

Rating: 4/5

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