The Escape to Music

Story/Video posted March 29, 2021 in Arts & Entertainment by Emma Creamer.


Samira Bell has been playing music as soon as she got her hands on a piano. Bell had grown up in California, right outside of Los Angeles, which had an influence as to why she has such a love for music.

She can play several instruments — including piano, guitar, ukulele and cello. At Penn State, she has spent her time in a club orchestra, but the pandemic has made it challenging for her to continue to practice with that group. That hasn't stopped her. though.

Bell carries her guitar with her almost everywhere around downtown and campus. She enjoys playing with friends and just making everyone smile. It gives her a nice distraction from her challenging pre-med major and is something she is grateful she grew up doing.

From the age of seven on, she has had a real passion for music and thinks of it as a language to bring people together. Post graduation, she believes that music will be a constant in her life for a way to relax and spend time with friends outside of the challenging academic courses she is gearing up to take in the fall at medical school.