The Lumineers - “III” Album Review

Story posted September 17, 2019 in Arts & Entertainment by William Roche.

The Lumineers are known for their acoustic guitars and upbeat energy. Their rhythms are catchy and they have a strong fanbase. Making music since 2012, they are back with their third album and first album since 2016, “III.”

This album is packed with energy. The acoustic guitars are in full force and the production is detailed and beautifully done. However, for as many upbeat songs, they bring slower, toned down songs to elaborate on their lyricism. The Lumineers are growing up, but there are still hints of their “Ho Hey” days packed within the album.

Starting with the opening song “Donna,” they create the tone for what the album will elaborate on: stories. From the opening track to “Johnny Sparks,” they create characters that bring meaning to their songs and give the listener something to think about. It is not preachy at all, but rather objective and lets the listener create the meaning behind the songs.

The instrumentals of acoustic guitars and the hauntingly beautiful instrumental track “April" reenforce the album's track list. It is in perfect order to almost force the audience to go through different emotions throughout the entirety of the album. “Salt and The Sea” gives more depth with lyrics like “On the back staircase you fell to your knees with tears in your eyes.” These words get the audience thinking because there is no name attached to this particular song, yet it gives such relatable lyrics that the listener will be able to go back to it and bring meaning to what is happening in their own life.

Some of the more upbeat songs  are reminiscent of their previous album, especially “Life In The City” and “Gloria.” “Leader of the Landslide” is a particular highlight, however. Being one of the longer tracks on the album, it keeps the listeners attention by changing tempos halfway through the song. It packs a punch towards the end by bringing up the tempo and has great potential for radio while also being a staple on their concert setlist. 

With three albums under their belt, The Lumineers are still performing live and have a strong fan base. Playing festivals and concerts, they have come a long way from being an opening act. Now, they headline shows with their foot stomping beats and lyrics that are packed with objective imagery. There are many reasons to love The Lumineers. If they keep with what they have been doing, expect many more great records.

Rating: 7/10

Reviewer's Favorite Song: “Leader of the Landslide”

Reviewer's Least Favorite Song: “Jimmy Sparks”


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