“The Mandalorian” – Season 2, Episode 1: “The Marshal” Review

Audio/Story posted November 2, 2020 in Arts & Entertainment by Colton Pleslusky.

SPOILER WARNING: Both this article and podcast feature heavy spoilers for "The Mandalorian." Read at your own discretion.


In the first episode of the This Is the Way Weekly podcast, Colton Pleslusky and Joe Eckstein break down the return of "The Mandalorian" in Season 2's first episode, "The Marshal."

“The Mandalorian” is back for Season 2, it and starts off with one fantastic, near-hour-long episode. Picking up where Season 1 left off, the titular character continues his quest to bring the child, lovingly dubbed “Baby Yoda” by fans, back to a place where it may belong. Titled “The Marshal,” this episode sets up the protagonist’s quest with his first step: finding other Mandalorians to help him.

Mando’s story arc resumes in the most appropriate way possible: a fight sequence that ends with a reminder of just how brutal he can be when someone crosses him. The choreography in these fights have to be commended, making Mando struggle against some foes all while still dishing out the pain his people have become known for.

The episode has its own, self-contained plot. It feels like a combination of elements from Episodes 2 and 4 of Season 1, but in a very good way. However, this episode does provide a major plot point that may set up events later in the season.

The cinematography throughout the whole episode is fantastic. Directed by Jon Favreau, the man who created the first two Iron Man films, “The Marshal” once again showcases his ability to put together a solid, action-packed episode that pushes the plot forward. This episode is filled with several sequences that are epic and screenshot-worthy.

Another aspect to note is that the involvement of Dave Filoni means everything that the audience sees has some sort of significance. That being said, “The Marshal” is filled with plenty of fantastic nods to previous eras of “Star Wars” that any fan can pick out and appreciate, all while still being an interesting show for the average TV watcher.

The dialogue and acting is also well done. The ability of “The Mandalorian” to use body language is outstanding, as viewers can truly tell when the title character is tense, be it from readiness or anger. His stoic tone is still ever present in this episode, and when combined with newcomer Marshal Cobb Vanth’s cowboy dialogue, it makes for quite the duo of characters.

The soundtrack is also as great as it was in Season 1. Each event is backed with a stunning composition, with other shots being silent for effect. Of course, “The Mandalorian Theme” makes a triumphant return at the beginning of the episode and really helps the audience get right back into the show.

Another aspect to note is the wild-west feeling this specific episode provides. While the show as a whole can be described as a space western, that description is truly felt and fleshed out in “The Marshal.” From standoffs, tragic but motivating backstories, and most prominently, the episode's namesake Marshal Cobb Vanth, who carries a heavy western cowboy vibe with him everywhere he goes, “The Marshal” fits the bill perfectly.

Finally, it is intriguing how the show as a whole continues to tell great stories that are part of the “Star Wars” universe yet feel very different from it. It is a new, fresh take with an unseen angle on “Star Wars,” and there is no doubt that it will continue that trend in the future.

Overall, “The Marshal” is yet another fantastic addition to “The Mandalorian,” filled with action and genuine, fun characters that make the show so enjoyable to watch. As of right now, it is unknown where Mando will find himself in the next episode, but there is no doubt that he will relentlessly continue his search for other scattered Mandalorians to help with his journey.


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