“The Undoing” Review

Story posted December 6, 2020 in Arts & Entertainment by Jack Freiser.

“The Undoing” is a new thriller from HBO executive produced by the team who worked on “Big Little Lie.” This mini-series follows a therapist played by Nicole Kidman as her life begins to unravel when her husband is the main suspect of a high profile murder.

This is a phenomenal show. It is without a doubt one of the best shows of the year, and it truly leaves an impact on the audience. Although it is only six episodes, each episode is packed with a ton of engaging plot points, and absolutely brilliant acting.

The show is casted perfectly and each actor is absolutely amazing. They all standout and deliver performances that stick with the audience and truly make this show unique.

Nicole Kidman is an amazing protagonist. She is very likeable and the audience truly cares for her and her family. She is able to portray a very hopeful, yet terrified wife, and all of her emotional scenes are insane to watch.

Hugh Grant is the best part of this show. He is very sympathetic at times, and at others, the audience is convinced he is the murderer. He has many scenes that show he is a powerhouse when it comes to acting.

Lily Rabe and Noma Dumezweni are also stellar. Their acting is more subtle than Grant and Kidman, but their performances are still very effective and enjoyable to watch.

Finally, Noah Jupe and Donald Sutherland are sensational. They both have many emotional scenes in which they evoke honest emotion from the audience.

Jupe is without a doubt the best child actor working today and this show just strengthens his already illustrious resume. Sutherland is also an incredible actor, who proves yet again why he is still one of the best actors working today.

The writing in this show is also excellent. The show is very intense and suspenseful.

The writing is so captivating that each character is a suspect at a certain point in the show. It is hard for the audience to choose a killer since every character has a proper motive.

This also creates an atmosphere that makes it very enjoyable for the audience to guess who killed Elena.

The end of the show is very satisfying. The writers effectively create an ending that makes sense and does not have any plot holes. The dialogue in this show is also superb, which is helped by the incredible actors delivering it.

There are no faults with this show. It is beautifully written, directed and acted. Each actor delivers a mind blowing performance that keeps the audience engaged from start to finish.

The writing in this show is very suspenseful, yet also dramatic at points. This show is never too melodramatic, it finds that perfect mix of emotional but not over the top.

This show is a must watch for any fans of thrillers or “who done it” films. This show is also a very quick watch.

Each episode ends on a cliffhanger that makes it nearly impossible to stop. Although it is only six episodes, nothing feels rushed and all the decisions made by the writers seem justified.

This is an incredible show that audiences definitely have to check out.

Rating: 5/5


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