“The Voice” Week 5 review

Story posted November 3, 2022 in Arts & Entertainment by Alexa Spilotras.

Season 22 of The Voice is taking off in its own ways. Fans are really looking to find that one star that everyone loves. During the battle rounds, singers have the opportunity to show their true talent by competing against another contestant with a similar voice.

While working alongside their designated coaches, each singer is truly learning how to bring out the best in their vocals. Not only do they get the opportunity to work with their assigned coach, but they get the opportunity to work with the assistant coach.

The Coaches and their assistants:

Jazmine Sullivan is there for Team Legend.
Charlie Puth on Team Camila.
Sean Paul for Team Gwen.
Jimmie Allen on Team Blake.

All singers vary in range, genre, age and style. It is impressive how each member is paired with another artist who brings out each other’s best vocals. Not only that, but they really get super close with one another, as they spend so much time together.
The exciting part about the battle round is that every coach gets the opportunity to use one of their saves during these rounds. All coaches have utilized this besides coach Blake Shelton.

Since the battles started, lots of talent has been brought to the table. The most impressive person that people have been talking about is Rowan Grace. She won the battles against Jillian Jordyn. Grace is only 16 years old with an angelic voice that fans think is definitely leading her to the final five. She has the attitude and ora of a pop star, and people think she has the potential to win the whole show.

Another fan favorite is Reina Ley, another young and amazing singer. She really got the chance to show her true vocals during the battle. Stefani called her voice “rich” when she was giving comments. When Cabello picked Ley, fans were very excited because she, too, is very young; she is only 13. Both Ley and Grace have surprised fans a lot, and their age really gives them a chance to show people that they have the natural talent people are looking for.

Fans are expressing that the show is starting to pick up and are very excited more about what happens for the knockouts. Real talent is finally being shown, and viewers seem to be happy about this. During the blind auditions, people feared that there was not enough talent; now, fans are really seeing it and know that the artists only grow more throughout the seasons!

Team standings:

Team Legend: Valarie Harding, Emma Brooke, Morgan Taylor, Parijita Bastola, The Marilynds (save)
Still to Battle: Omar Jose Cardona, David Andrew, Peyton Aldridge, Kara McKee, Lana Love, Kim Cruse
Team Gwen: Rowan Grace, Cara Brindisi, Justin Aaron, Destiny Leigh (save), Daysia
Still to Battle: Ian Harrison, Alyssa Witrado, Sadie Bass, Tanner Howe, Kayla Von Der Heide, Kique,
Team Camila: Morgan Myles, Steven McMorran (save), Orlando Mendez, Jaeden Luke (steal from Blake) Reina Ley, Eric Who
Team Blake: Austin Montgomery, Jay Allen (steal from Gwen), bodie, Eva Ullman, Brayden Lape
Still to Battle: Kate Kalvach, Bryce Leatherwood, Kevin Hawkins, The Dryes, Madison Hughes, Hillary Torchiana

Rating: 4/5

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