“This is What ___ Feels Like” Album Deep Focus

Story posted April 11, 2023 in Arts & Entertainment by Ainsley Spitz.

Starting on Sep. 23, 2022, the world was forever changed thanks to JVKE and his masterful album.

“This is What ___ Feels Like” is unique in that it tells a beautiful, and realistic, story of falling in love, being in love, breaking up, and falling out of love. Each song perfectly flows into the next, often picking up on the chord the previous track left off on.

This album is chock full of beautiful metaphors and melodies, creating a story in the listener’s mind. The song titles even often fill in the blank space in the album title.

The album starts with “This is What Falling in Love Feels Like.” Like the perfect feeling of the sun on a summer day, this song reminds the listener of the hope that comes with new beginnings and pleasant things to come. Fun fact, this song was featured in the hit TV show, “The Summer I Turned Pretty” which became popular for its gorgeous cast and immaculate summer vibes.

“Moon and Back” and “Golden Hour” follow this as a continuation of the same vibe. All three of these songs capture the feeling of new love and being infatuated with that other person.

“Golden Hour” also deserves its own little moment. This song was released first as a single after going viral on TikTok. Just watching JVKE play the piano and sing his heart out is enough to make anyone melt. The raw emotion in the lyrics, the beauty in the harmonies and the way the notes and lyrics seem to work together in tandem to tug on the listener’s heartstrings perfectly capture the feeling of being head-over-heels in love.

The vibe quickly shifts, though, with the next several tracks describing the soul-crushing feeling of a broken heart.

“This is What Heartbreak Feels Like” starts off this shift. The opening notes perfectly match the closing notes of “Golden Hour” to demonstrate how caught off-guard the narrator was by this breakup. The angsty lyrics (i.e. calling his lover a “snake”) and background notes portray a narrative of anger and disbelief.

The sorrow begins to set in with “I’m Not Ok” and continues through the following four songs. With melancholy melodies, angsty key changes and gut-wrenching lyrics, JVKE transports the listener to a world of heartbreak and sorrow.

That’s not the end of the story, though. Finally, the narrator begins to get over their previous relationship. “This is What Falling out of Love Feels Like” begins with a trilling piano, the whisper of hope evident through the light notes.

Then the beat drops and the listener knows all is well. Even though the heartbreaker starts reaching back out again, the narrator has gained confidence and resists the temptation of going back to an ex.

Finishing strong, the album closes with “I Can’t Help It.” Throughout this song, the narrator completely gets over their ex and begins to fall in love again. As a sort of remix of “Can’t Help Falling in Love '' by Elvis, with the same notes for the chorus, the hopeful and upbeat melody of JVKE’s song shows the hope for new beginnings and the desire for a love like what Elvis describes in his song.

Overall, this album is a masterpiece. With the range of emotions, JVKE perfectly encapsulates through not only his lyrics but also his genius musicality, the listener walks away with a warm feeling in their chest of the hope of new possibilities. This album is truly a must-listen for music enthusiasts of any age.

Rating: 10/10

Reviewer’s Favorite Song: “Golden Hour”

Reviewer’s Least Favorite Song: “Moon and Back”

Ainsley Spitz is a second-year majoring in broadcast journalism and criminology. To contact her, email aes6441@psu.edu.