TOMI - “Sweet, Sweet Honey” EP Review

Story posted October 13, 2021 in Arts & Entertainment by Jack Freiser.

“Sweet, Sweet Honey” is TOMI’s third EP. The Brooklyn pop rocker has consistently released music since 2017 when she released her debut single “Carry You.”

The artist’s sound has evolved throughout the years. She has made some upbeat rock songs, catchy pop songs and some more somber ballads. However, this new EP is a completely new sound for the singer.

This new sound is perfect for the singer-songwriter. It is more nostalgic and filled with a ton of heart.

Although there are only five songs, each song is filled with excellent writing, beautiful vocals and superb instrumentation. Also, the harmonies throughout the album are remarkable and elevate the songs to a whole other level.

Some of these songs are quite long, yet none of them become overbearing. “Lemon Tree” is almost eight minutes long, yet it tells an incredible story of love and nostalgia. This song is one of the best songs on the EP. The outro of this song is very long, but is some of the best music that has come out this year.

Her voice shines in this song, especially when she goes into her angelic falsetto. This song is without a doubt worth listening to. It is long but so beautiful and the writing is absolutely spectacular.

The standout song on the album, “If I Wasn’t Yours, Who Was I” is one of the best songs released this year. Everything about this song works. TOMI has never sounded better, showcasing her remarkable range as a vocalist and also her skills as a writer.

This song has incredible replayability power. The instrumentation in this song blends so well with her vocals and also allows the lyrics to shine. The chorus in this song is simple but beautiful, as it features some of the best vocal harmonization of the year which adds an extra layer of intricacy which really benefits the track.

The subject matter of love and longing, which is a constant theme of the album, is front and center on this track which makes listening to this song quite emotional in the best way possible.

A final standout track on this EP is “Am I Ever On Your Mind,” a beautiful song about unrequited love. TOMI decides to use a lighter instrumental, which allows her gorgeous vocals to shine.

The vulnerability in this track is very unique, it is very infrequent to feel so connected to the artist, yet TOMI masterfully creates an atmosphere in which you are able to connect with her and feel what she feels.

The transition in the song also works exceptionally well. As soon as the song starts to get repetitive, the mood completely changes. TOMI also sounds incredible on this second part of the track. This is a perfect introductory song since it has all the main themes of the EP and exemplifies them perfectly.

TOMI has truly found her sound and the vulnerability and genuineness on this EP is unmatched by any artist currently releasing music. This EP is filled with so much love which makes listening to it incredibly easy.

TOMI's voice is very unique and she delivers a powerhouse performance throughout the EP. Her falsettos and harmonies are heavenly and the instrumentation is raw and beautiful.

This is TOMI’s best project yet and her growth is quite evident throughout the EP. Although some songs may be a bit too long and there is without a doubt room for growth, this EP was truly impressive and is without a doubt worth a listen.

Rating: 9/10

Reviewer’s Favorite Songs: “If I Wasn’t Yours, Who Was I,” “Lemon Tree” and “Am I Ever On Your Mind”

Reviewer’s Least Favorite Songs: N/A


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