“WandaVision” – Episode 4 Review

Story posted February 1, 2021 in Arts & Entertainment by Sam Roberts.

Episode four of Marvel’s “WandaVision” released on Disney+ on Friday, Jan. 29 and to no surprise, this was the best episode yet. Each episode has been better than the last and this show has so much potential it is borderline limitless.

This week, we finally got the details on what is going on outside the reality that Wanda, Vision, and the other characters of Westview are in. Episode four followed Monica Rambeau, the character we know as Geraldine in the TV show reality, as she gets blipped back into existence in an absolutely horrifying scene.

As she returns to work at S.W.O.R.D., we learn that this show takes three weeks after the events of Endgame and S.W.O.R.D. sends Monica to help the FBI with a missing persons case. When she arrives in Westview, we are reunited with Detective Jimmy Woo, who is the head of the missing persons case, right before Monica gets sucked into the reality of Westview.

Then we are reunited with Darcy Lewis from the Thor movies and we found out that S.W.O.R.D. has no idea what is going on with Monica’s disappearing and they identify Westview as an anomaly.

As the S.W.O.R.D. base is all working together to figure out what is going on with this anomaly, Darcy discovers that the anomaly is sending out a broadcast frequency in the form of an old sit-com, the events that we saw in the first three episodes.

Darcy, Detective Woo, and SWORD director Tyler Hayward are all working to piece together what is going on, they start to identify the other characters in the show is missing people from the real world. Although there are two characters who they cannot identify, Agnes and Dottie, so the community is speculating they may be villains in the series.

As the episode came to a conclusion, we got to see Wanda banishing Monica from Westview and we got to see that from the perspective of Rambeau. As we see her back in the real world, still in her Westview costume, she tells them that “it’s all Wanda” who is in control of the Westview anomaly.

As we move onto episode five, one thing fans get to look forward to is the remaining five episodes are all 40+ minutes. The first four episodes of this show served as the expository details to show us the setting, the characters, and where this show fits on the MCU timeline.

Jac Schaeffer has given us only the necessary details and is now just letting our minds run ramped with theories and predictions.

WandaVision episode five premieres on Friday, Feb. 5 on Disney+.

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