“WandaVision” Episode 5 Review

Story posted February 9, 2021 in Arts & Entertainment by Colton Pleslusky.

“WandaVision” seems to just be getting better and better with each episode. With the release of the episode “On a very special episode…,” fans got treated to some answers – and even more questions.

First of all, it should always be noted that Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olson mesh together like peanut butter and jelly. The combo, playing their respective characters Vision and Wanda Maximoff, put forth a stellar performance in this “everything is not as it seems” show. The newest episode only reinforces their chemistry as a duo.

From Vision slowly questioning his reality and losing faith in his surroundings to Wanda seemingly switching from good-natured housewife to full Sokovian Scarlet Witch, it’s thrilling to watch them tell this fresh Marvel story.

Since last week’s episode, the viewer can expect more swaps between the sitcom reality and the real world, with the newly revealed S.W.O.R.D. agency trying to pinpoint what is exactly going on inside Westview.

The episode further pulls back the veil on what has occurred leading up to the events of the show, such as the story of how Vision is present as well as what happens to the modern tech that is sent into the retro-alternate reality. Yet, there are still many mysteries, which leaves most viewers excited to see the next episode.

One thing that the show may be trying to push is just how powerful Wanda Maximoff is becoming – showcasing a character that is becoming more and more akin to her comics counterpart.

Its exciting, yet interestingly chilling, to watch the scene of Wanda leaving the energy dome encapsulating Westview and how she interacts with those that she sees as antagonists to her “perfect” new life.

Additionally, the inclusion of Monica Rambeau is a great touch. Witnessing a newer character working with an older pair of characters, Darcy Lewis and Jimmy Woo, is a nice treat for fans.

Not to mention the small mention of Captain Marvel, of which Rambeau reacted in such a way that it almost lends the idea that she didn’t like Carol Danvers being brought up.

The meaning behind this small detail remains to be seen.

What is possibly the more interesting part of the episode, and the series so far as a whole, is that it is totally different to what “Marvel Cinematic Universe” fans are used to. The TV episodic format obviously allows a lot more room for development of situations and characters.

So, if “WandaVision” is setting the bar, it’s no wonder why the studio has opted to produce so many series for both old and new characters.

The episode comes to a conclusion with Vision confronting Wanda, fully questioning the reality of the situation. Following the brief conflict, even more questions are raised about what is truly happening in the show. Is Wanda really in control? Or is it the popular theory that Mephisto is being introduced and pulling the strings?

All of this comes to a head with a cameo appearance that longtime “Marvel” fans will truly appreciate.

“WandaVision” is certainly becoming a show worthy of attention. It’ll be exciting to see what happens next week following this fantastic installment to Marvel Studios’ new project and how it will affect the greater sphere of the universe.

Colton Pleslusky is a junior majoring in telecommunications. To contact him, email csp5289@psu.edu.

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