“WandaVision” Episode 6 Review

Story posted February 16, 2021 in Arts & Entertainment by Dylan Leipzig.

Episode 6 of “WandaVision” was amazing for all the Marvel fanatics. Like every episode, it came with a lot more questions and a lot more confusion.

The intro to this episode was fantastic. Every week, they make a new intro for this show to go with the decade we are in, and they just keep getting better.

Marvel is great at making this show go from really feeling like a sitcom, to going back to a suspenseful Marvel film.

This week, it was a Halloween special on “WandaVision," and it was written extremely well to tie certain things into the story.

Wanda and Vision are in their comic accurate costumes for the Halloween special, and it is very eye-pleasing for the Marvel fans. But in this episode, Vision is not complying to Wanda anymore, as he goes on his own and looks at the Westview he thinks he knows.

The viewer also gets a better look at Pietro, and what is going on with him. The audience is still unsure of how he got here, and if this is really even the Pietro that is actually Wanda’s brother.

Wanda seems to not trust Quicksilver fully yet, as she was testing him to see…and he knew she was. Does he know something about how he got here, is he being controlled by Wanda, or is it someone else?

All known for sure is, this can’t be Pietro from before, because he knows about Vision’s death, which should not be possible, since he died before that happened.

Is this Quicksilver from the MCU, or X-Men? And is this how Marvel might introduce the X-Men into the MCU? There are so many questions that keep piling up.

Marvel was really good at showing how Wanda can’t fully control everybody in this town. Vision walks around the streets where Wanda says not to go, and people are lagging like they are in a video game.

It was extremely awesome seeing Vision go from his comic accurate Halloween costume, to his usual attire. They put so much production value into this show.

Vision talks to Agnes in this episode and lets her mind free. She instantly recognized him and called him an Avenger. But Vision does not remember being an Avenger, or even dying.

Agnes is such a big part of this show too. The audience sees her, and she seems to be a part of Westview, but is it more than that?

When she was let go by vision, she was not like the others who were let go. There is definitely reason to keep an eye on Agnes.

The scene where vision is dying is a key moment to see. Vision cannot live outside of Wanda’s world. Does Hayward know this? But, when Vision is being torn apart by the real reality, he says “Help”, and you think he means himself.

But he finishes his line with, “the people need help”. Even when he is being torn to shreds, he is still thinking of helping the people. This is why Vision was worthy of Mjolnir.

There are so many questions in this amazing show, and it’s all from just Wanda’s emotions after endgame. Each episode is better than the last, and there is so much they compact into them.

Dylan Leipzig is a junior majoring in telecommunications. To contact him, email dml5929@psu.edu

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