“WandaVision” Episode 7 Review

Story posted February 22, 2021 in Arts & Entertainment by Sam Roberts.

On Friday Feb 19th, Disney+ released its 7th episode of WandaVision and showrunner Jac Schaeffer finally gave the audience what they wanted, a villain reveal. Kathryn Hahn’s character Agnes finally revealed herself as the witch Agatha Harkness from the comic books and as the final moments of the episode suggest, it was “Agatha All Along.”

Episode 7 of WandaVision, titled “Breaking the Fourth Wall,” followed the modern era of sit-coms where characters break the fourth wall and make reactionary glances down the lens of the camera. Taking inspiration from The Office, Happy Endings, and Modern Family, episode 7 revealed key details to the audience as characters spoke to the camera and an interview style almost identical to modern family.

So the big reveal of episode 7, Agnes has been pulling “all the evil the strings” the whole time. One thing that still was not cleared up for us is whether Agnes created the hex or not, but her theme song seems to suggest that she is only pulling the strings and Wanda is the one who created it and is somewhat in control of it.

Agnes also made references to eating kids and as Westview is “for the children” it is concerning what she may do to Billy and Thomas since they are missing towards the end of the episode.

Another very big reveal that the audience got in this week’s episode was Teyonah Parris’ character Monica turning into the super hero comic book fans know as Photon. As she breaks through the wall of the hex, Monica is being torn apart into different versions of herself, and then she pulls them all together to turn into Photon where we see that she sees multiple different spectrums in her eyesight.

As she broke through the wall, it looked like she was pulling alternate versions of herself together from the multiverse. The advertisement this week was referencing the nexus, which is the center of Marvel’s multiverse, so fans are hoping that these multiverse references come together and Wandavision will introduce us to the MCU’s multiverse.

Another thing that was new this week was fans got to watch in this weeks episode was the first post credits scene of this show. The post credits scene was the only screen time that Evan Peters’ Quicksilver got this week, and the scene was him catching Monica snooping around Agnes’ yard.

At the end of the episode, Wanda traveled down to Agnes’ basement where she left the hex and entered the real world. Down in her basement was a room filled with demonic animals, demonic symbols, and a mysterious book with a strange glow and symbol on it.

Maybe this book could be the missing book from the library in “Doctor Strange.” While in the basement, Agnes revealed herself to Wanda and then sent her purple magic into Wanda’s head.

Agatha moved her hand in a very similar way that Wanda uses her powers, her purple glow looked very similar to Wanda’s red glow, and the way her magic entered Wanda’s head was very similar to the way that Wanda gets inside the heads of the Avengers in “Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

These details made it look Agatha Harkness was using Wanda’s hex to steal her power, and Wanda’s inability to control the hex in this episode may just prove that.

This episode, the whole sit-com style from modern shows was absolutely nailed by the production team. The camera work may as well been done by the crew that made Modern Family and the tropes, writing, and acting were just perfectly done all across the board.

WandaVision has had consistently great episodes since the show premiered. This weeks episode wasn’t the most intense, but the ending was exactly what audiences needed. Going into the next two episodes, hopefully audiences get to see some flashbacks to how the hex started and a big CGI action set resembling the MCU movies.

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