“WandaVision” Episode 8 Review

Story posted March 1, 2021 in Arts & Entertainment by Colton Pleslusky.

With each new episode of “WandaVision”, it seems like the show is following the same track as “The Mandalorian”: it gets better and better with each episode.

This episode stands out from the rest of the season so far since its almost taking on recently revealed Agatha Harkness’ point-of-view as she pushes Wanda to live through her past as a means of learning how she acquired her powers.

That being said, the episode gives so much more background to Wanda Maximoff. The episode takes the viewer on a journey through her life, starting at the point the bomb fell on the Maximoff household.

This moment in “MCU” history was always known, but to finally see it represented on screen added some more physical background to both the Maximoff children.

The rest of the episode dives into various moments such as her time with Hydra, Vision consoling her at the Avengers Compound, and Wanda going to the SWORD base to give one last goodbye to Vision’s body post “Endgame.”

It should also be noted that since the episode’s release, viewers have taken to social media to spread the love for one particular quote from the episode: “What is grief, if not love persevering.” Which seems to be a quote that a lot of viewers have taken to heart and needed as the world continues to navigate through the pandemic.

One thing the episode establishes is what led Wanda to the town of Westview to begin with. Truly, it is heartbreaking, and the ultimate reveal of the episode leaves viewers feeling emotional and hurt for the Scarlet Witch.

It also gives a formal back story to Agatha, dating back to the Salem Witch Trials. Kathryn Hahn puts forth a beautiful performance as the dark witch, and has in many ways stolen the show following her unveiling as one of the antagonists.

She’s absolutely devilish with a little bit of playfulness, a pairing Hahn can mold together well.

Of course, being by far the most emotionally driven episode, Elizabeth Olsen deserves her recognition to portray the broken Wanda Maximoff. From costume to acting, to the impact of everything that has happened to her, Olsen delivers an amazing performance.

The episode leaves off with a cliffhanger, and features the first time ever that a viewer hears Wanda’s alias, The Scarlet Witch, in the “Marvel Cinematic Universe”. Additionally, there is a post credit scene for this episode as well, showcasing even more how SWORD is playing their own antagonistic role in the show.

With this coming episode being the finale, it will be intriguing to see how it all comes together. Those who have worked on the show state that it’ll turn more into the action we know and love, so it should be a thrill ride to see everyone come together as well as the potential ties the finale may have to the “Doctor Strange” sequel.

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