“Zach Snyder’s Justice League” Review

Story posted March 23, 2021 in Arts & Entertainment by Sam Roberts.

The highly anticipated “Zach Snyder’s Justice League” is finally here, thanks to HBO Max, and it absolutely delivers on all cylinders. Snyder rewrote all the wrongs of the “Justice League” that was ruined by Joss Whedon and Warner Bros. in the most heartfelt Hollywood comeback story of all time.

Many years ago, shortly after the release of “Justice League” in Nov. 2017, the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut started on twitter. After Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck, and Snyder himself got behind the movement as well, #ReleaseTheSnyderCut picked up enough momentum for Warner Bros. to give Snyder the opportunity he and the fans wanted.

“Zach Snyder’s Justice League” is 4 hours of character development, beautiful slow-motion, eye opening cinematography, and artistic style as well. Snyder showed his fans what a superhero universe looks like in his imagination.

The Snyder Cut shows us a world about what it feels like to be a god and not fit in anywhere as well. And his 6 heroes emerge from their dark corners of the world and unify to save Earth from Steppenwolf, a powerful being who is trying to bring a trophy to the overarching villain of the film Darkseid.

After finishing the film, it’s very understandable why Snyder needed to make it a 4-hour epic. Whedon’s version just threw a couple characters together for a cheesy and unfunny action-comedy, while the Snyder Cut has characters break out of their shells after explaining their origin and why they are the way they are.

Another thing that made the Snyder Cut a great film was the darker tone that Snyder went for. In. order to compete with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Snyder made the movie less colorful, and it was filled with a gray and sometimes black tone.

Bringing it to an R rating also helped it stand out from the MCU and the graphic violence made the steaks of the movie much greater. Snyder also put a complete artistic style over the entire film that is not anything like the traditional superhero movie we are used to seeing.

Superhero movies are epic action movies, but they follow a traditional format void of individuality.

What Snyder did really well in his “Justice League” was he filled the movie with 6 heroes, 2 relevant villains, and important side characters that all played an important role in the film, which Whedon failed to do in his version. The Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman were all important in the Snyder Cut.

Steppenwolf was actually a fierce and ruthless villain who felt like he was going to win the entire film. And the side characters, like Lois Lane and the Martian Manhunter play an important role and give us some set up for future DC Universe films, if that were to happen.

One thing that is going to hurt the fans for a long time is the fact that by the credit roll, we are left needing more, but this is a good thing. As the film ends, fans realize how this movie is calling, as a matter of fact begging for a sequel.

“Zach Snyder’s Justice League” is an incredibly epic film where every minute of the 240 minutes is beautiful and important. It was exactly what the fans wanted and exactly what Snyder deserved as well. The Snyder Cut is a hit and a massive success for Snyder.

Rating: 5 Stars

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