Best Halloween Movies of All Time

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It’s October, which means it’s officially spooky season.

From horror flicks to children’s classic, here are the best Halloween movies of all time:

“Killer Klowns from Outer Space”

There are very few movies in this world that manage to capture something truly special about the human condition. It’s films like “The Big Lebowski” highlighting one man’s journey as he floats through life, or Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room,” a masterclass act about a man who, simply put, gets cucked.

They’re either awkward, clunky, or just full of stupid humor that most would scoff at, but for the audience members that can find the deeper meaning and inner beauty that the medium is subtly trying to convey, the movie goes from being just a film to a piece of art.

"Killer Klowns from Outer Space" is easily one of those pieces of art. Well, maybe not art — but it's definitely a "piece" of something.

Being a campy cult classic, "Killer Klowns from Outer Space" is a movie that sets itself apart from its horror competitors by offering two things that most thrillers at the time did not: comedy and self-awareness.

While most slashers focused on nightmarish antagonists and the most inhumane ways to kill a human being, Killer Klowns focuses more on the comedic aspects of its villains, which just so happen to be a group of intergalactic harlequins that use familiar circus equipment to wreak havoc on a small beachside town.

The plot is fully cognizant of how ridiculous it is, and the writing and dialogue are quite literally on the nose when portraying this. And I mean literally. I mean, c'mon, when a main plot point of the movie is the characters discovering that you can kill a clown by blowing up its nose, the creators knew exactly what they were doing with that one!

I think the film accomplishes its charm by being a culmination of self-aware irony, and from the fact that the people who made the movie really had no idea of how to make one. The whole thing was written, directed and produced by a group of practical effect and makeup artists, the Chiodo Brothers, who wanted to leave the back seat behind the scenes to try their hand at making a movie. However, where a lack of experience shows in these areas, the Chiodo Brothers really bring the project home in the special effects, puppeteering and costume departments.

The fact of the matter is, “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” was made by clowns with a sense of humor, for clowns with a sense of curiosity, and I think that this is what the film is trying to portray. Are we not all a bunch of otherworldly clowns floating astray in space on the big blue rock that we call Earth? Maybe the Ringling Brothers were onto something…

Whether the audience likes comedy, ironic horror, or even a B-plot love triangle story, “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” manages to encapsulate all of these genres to serve the gift that keeps on giving: a universal hatred of clowns on Halloween. Happy haunting! Honk honk!

- Clayton Signore


When it comes to the best Halloween movies, “Twitches” is one you just can’t miss. It’s a Disney Channel masterpiece to watch during the holiday, and it is perfect for setting the spooky season vibes.

Tia and Tamera Mowry play identical twin sisters separated at birth who are brought back together on their 21st birthday and discover their magical powers. Together, they must navigate how to use them to defeat the forces of darkness and save their kingdom. The twin witches learn about their past and future as their skills are put to the test.

It’s a fun, comedic fantasy film that is also a great throwback for those of us who grew up watching the Disney Channel original movies on TV. Don’t forget to add “Twitches” and its sequel, “Twitches Too,” to your Halloween movie marathon this October.

-Morgan Brown

“The Witch”

The Witch was written and directed by Robert Eggers and stars Anya Taylor-Joy and Ralph Ineson. It takes place in New England during the 1630s and follows a Puritan family whose lives are turned upside down after the disappearance of their youngest child. Each member of the family struggles with their own inner turmoil as their homelife is shattered by increasingly horrific and supernatural events.

The film excels as a Halloween watch thanks to the extreme tension that’s built throughout its 92 minute runtime. From the moment the family arrives at their remote farm near the beginning of the plot, you can tell something isn’t quite right. The drab color palette, moody lighting, along with the subtle yet unnerving score all create an unsettling environment that ensures the audience is always on the edge of its seat.

“The Witch” stands apart from other horror films due to its unique setting, tone and pace. Superior performances from the entire cast, as well as Eggers commitment to historical accuracy, help to enhance the most shocking moments in the narrative. The disturbing atmosphere and intense tone of “The Witch” make it a perfect watch for you this Halloween.

- Will Anderson

“Willy’s Wonderland”

This is the pinnacle of low-budget movies. For a small-budget film, the practical effects are amazing. The animatronics movements and battles are well done. Plus, the directors managed to convince Nicolas Cage to be in it because of a letter they wrote.

Although the plot and acting are weird, it’s overall fun to watch. In some eyes, it’s so bad it's good and that makes it a great group film to watch with friends, because there’s nothing better than a group of friends able to goof around while watching a movie.

Although it’s a good group watch, it’s also fun to watch alone due to its amusing action and comedic horror moments. Also, the soundtrack is way too good for this film.

When the song “Willy’s Wonderland” starts to play, it’s impossible to rock with it. Overall, it’s a fun time if you can appreciate small-budget, cheesy horror movies.

- Ethan Hetrick


The 1995 live action version of “Casper” is superior to all other versions of the friendly ghost phenomenon. The film has an incredible plot, cast and nostalgia.

The film surrounds tennager Kat Harvey who travels with her famous ghost-hunting dad, James. James is contacted by a wealthy couple who have inherited a haunted mansion and want the ghosts to “pass over.” James and Kat immediately move into this mansion in Maine where they come to meet Casper and his uncles.

Casper, being the friendly ghost that he is, makes the movie family friendly and heartwarming. There are low-caliber jump scares, but for the most part, this movie is unscary and a feel-good time.

The cast is stacked, with Cristina Ricci as Kat, Bill Pullman as James and Malachi Pearson as Casper.

Ricci’s performance is incredible, she is serving an angsty teen that has a situationship with a ghost.

And if you watched this movie as a kid and you didn't have a crush on Casper, you’re lying.

- Savannah Swartz


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