A House of Chaos

Story posted December 11, 2014 in Best of CommMedia by Shuray McCallum.


Veronica Carr, a mother of four, works as a teacher’s aid. She has finally gotten her youngest child out the house. After enjoying that peace and quiet for almost a year her 33 year old son, Von Carr after being in jail for three years, is sent to her home as a parole assignment. Like any mother she takes him in, but it is not just him, he has seven children. Although the kids do not stay with Carr they are only a block away. Every day the kids make sure to stop by, and they have overstayed their welcome. After working with children each and everyday the last thing Carr wants to come home to is kids.


For Veronica Carr finally getting her youngest child out the house was a very happy but also very emptying moment. To heal her pain of feeling empty Carr and her husband got a dog. A pet pit bull named Nala who has now been apart of the family for the past year. Although it is not the same as having an actual person to talk to, Nala shows all the same love with half of the issues.