Living Life To The Fullest

Photo/Story posted May 5, 2017 in Best of CommMedia by Cameron Hart.

Reba Files, 93, of Bellefonte, Pa. attributes her longevity to God, staying active, eating good food, and having healthy relationships. Reba lives alone, drives herself around Bellefonte and State College, cooks a weekly meal for her entire family, plays bridge and pinochle with friends, and walks 40 laps every day in her apartment hallways.

Reba met the love of her life a month after her high school graduation on a bus ride to Philadelphia. She married Bill Files on June 19, 1943 at the age of 19-years-old. After living in Virginia and New Jersey, Reba and Bill moved to State College, Pa., where they would spend the rest of their lives raising their four children, Marilyn, 72, Sharon, 68, Elaine, 62, and David, 61.  Bill passed away in 2002.