A Moment in Time

Video posted April 30, 2015 in Best of CommMedia by Joseph A. Walters, III.


Mrs. Dorothy Walker Smith is a 91-year-old widow living in Teaneck, New Jersey. She was married to Mr. Smith for 57 years. He passed in 2002. The two of them lived together most of their married lives in Scranton, PA.  There, with four children, they lived in a 13-room home that Mr. Smith bought for 1500 dollars. Along with their four children, Mr. Smith’s mother and mentally challenged sister lived in the house, which at times put a strain on the family.
Mr. Smith's mother wasn’t very fond of Mrs. Smith and would often attempt to make Mr. Smith choose sides. She would frequently bring up his ex girlfriend, carrying her picture to throw in Mrs. Smith's face.
Mr. Smith wasn’t expected to live long because he was born a polio baby. His shoes were built up to stabilize his posture and he needed tailored clothing. He never thought he would be married or live the life that he and Mrs. Smith lived together. Because of the post-polio syndrome, he was limited to household tasks and caring for the children.
Even in his later years when the syndrome took its toll on him he continued household chores such as cleaning and cooking. Mrs. Smith constantly dared him to live outside of his comfort zone. The two would frequently travel.  Even after his passing Mrs. Smith continues to travel and live her life with a smile.