He And His Music

Story posted December 11, 2014 in Best of CommMedia by Ruoyi Li.


Yining Zhang is a singer and a guitar player who has his own understanding on music. He teamed up with his friends and set up a band when he was in high school. Not long after everyone gets on the road, some of the band members came up with an idea of doing their own music. For these young boys this idea was extremely tempting. However, they were still young and did not have much experience to write about so someone suggested that maybe they could imitate some of the successful works made by other people so that they could get their own work and for sure, it sounds cool for those young boys to have their own work published.

Yining did not like that approach at all. In his opinion people play music for their thoughts, their spirits, instead of showing off. He attempted to persuade the teammates to give up this “childish” idea but failed. With the disappointment and helplessness he decided to leave…


In order to get a “rock” voice he started smoking cigarette under the support of his teammates. He did not like it at the first taste, nor does he enjoy it now, but as smoking becomes a little thing that belongs to his life. Interestingly he found that what creates a decent voice is not smoking but practicing hard, and gradually he found his own way of singing but the habit of smoking keeps until now.