The Life behind a Trumpet

Story/Video posted April 28, 2018 in Best of CommMedia by Lucas Vilca.


         Carlot Dorvé is a graduate Student in the School of Music at Penn State. He plays for the Penn State Philharmonic Orchestra and was able to launch his own CD called “Sacred Sounds of the Trumpet”.
         Dorvé was born in the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Price, and he has been playing trumpet since he was 9 years old. Dorvé said that many of his teacher told him that he can’t play trumpet but he managed a way to prove them wrong.
         He grew up in a poor family, “sometimes, I do not know what tomorrow is going to bring, I do not know if tomorrow my parents are going to be able to provide food”, Carlot said. His dad left his family because his dad didn’t recognize him as his son after Carlot’s accident, therefore his mom raised him by herself.
        Today Dorvé is 35, he had the chance to appear in a commercial for Rio Paralympics 2016 called “we’re The SuperHumans” and participated in multiple orchestra events.
Carlot has almost finished his Master’s Degree in music and plans to pursue a PhD in philosophy in music education at the University of Missouri. The School granted him a full scholarship to finish his degree and working as assistant teacher.
        “I like to resolve student’s issues and when I do that brings me joy. I like sharing, I believe teaching is about sharing” Carlot said. As teacher assistance for Penn State, Carlot was able to help multiple students for the two years he spent at school.
        Dorvé believes that if you have determination than you can do anything you want.


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Carlot Dorve short motivation from Lucas Vilca on Vimeo.