“Black Box” Review

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“Black Box” is the second film to be released in the “Welcome to Blumhouse” series.

This film stars Mamoudou Athie as Nolan, a man who was just in a fatal car crash where he lost his wife and most of his memories. Nolan meets Lillian (Phylicia Rashad), a doctor who believes her new technological treatment can cure Nolan’s amnesia.

Unlike “The Lie,” this was a phenomenal movie in the Blumhouse series.

The acting in the movie is incredible. Athie gives a complex performance that is truly memorable. He is a very diverse actor and hopefully this film will put his name on the map.

Rashad, known for her role as Clair Huxtable on “The Cosby Show,” also gives a great performance. Her character is very intricate and the audience doesn’t know whether to love her or hate her.

Also, Amanda Christine (Ava) gives a fantastic performance. She plays Nolan’s daughter and is so precious. She is absolutely adorable and it is hard not to love her.

The writing in the film is superb. There are a bunch of twists and turns, and one major plot twist that is absolutely mind blowing. The characters are written interestingly and each character has plenty of depth and development throughout the film.

The film is never boring, the exposition is written fascinatingly and the dialogue is always exciting. The hour and forty minutes goes by really quickly.

This movie is also super freaky. Although there are no jump scares, there is a frightening monster and a lot of intense music. The score is amazing and it adds to the suspense of the film.

However, the directing in this movie is nothing special. There are no insane camera angles or really creative shots. However, the director does a competent job and there are no jarringly bad shots. Yet, if there were a few more creative shots, this movie would really be perfect.

This movie is a really fun time. There is an amazing twist, the acting is fantastic and there are some horrific scenes. It’s also very interesting and it is very fast paced.

“Black Box” is also not super scary so anyone who hates horror could still enjoy this movie.  However, horror lovers will find some terror in this film.

“Black Box” is ten times better than “The Lie” and this film creates excitement for the final two installments of this series coming out next week.

Rating: 4/5


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