Common ground @ the DNC

Story posted July 27, 2016 in

Delegates who supported Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders may have had their differences this week, but they have found common ground on one thing: They like Donna Brazile as the permanent chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.

Brazile is set to become the DNC’s interim chairwoman after the convention, and in interviews, several delegates from Pennsylvania and elsewhere said they favored her for the permanent role, citing her character and experience in media.

Brazile, a former CNN contributor and political analyst, is set to take over the party for Debra Wasserman Schultz, who announced Sunday her intent to resign at the end of the Democratic National Convention on Thursday.

“She’s dedicated to the party and represents very well on CNN as far as Democratic issues, “ said Bernie Sanders delegate Michael Desrosiers, a delegate from the 10th Congressional district, which includes the Poconos.

In 1984, Brazile, a Louisiana State University graduate, served as the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s mobilization director on his presidential campaign. She would become the first African American woman to serve as campaign manager for a Democratic candidate – Bill Clinton – in 1999.
Austin Davis, a Clinton delegate from the 14th Congressional district in southwestern Pennsylvania, said he viewed Brazile’s interim position as a tryout to hold the permanent position.

Brazile, according to Desrosiers, is also the best candidate for unifying the party and new Sanders’ supporters.

“She’s been active in the DNC for decades and has worked her way up… she knows the process; she knows the players,” said Davis.

Nancy Mills, a Clinton delegate from Allegheny County, said she would be “perfectly happy” with Brazile staying on, and Mary Jo Daley, a Clinton delegate from Montgomery County, said Brazile could be a good fit for the national committee. 

Bryanta Maxwell, a Sanders delegate from South Carolina, said she likes Brazile as well as Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter of South Carolina as party leader.

“Both are strong black women and get the job done,” Maxwell said. “We’re building women leaders so we need to build African American women leaders too.

Brazile’s experience as a CNN contributor, her energy, her knowledge of the party and her character were cited as key attributes by Louisiana delegates Nita Steele and Bernie Woods.
“She is qualified and truthfully honest,” said Woods. “Her integrity is impeccable.”