CommRadio’s Expectations for Movin’ On

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As Movin’ On is approaching, the Arts & Entertainment department shares their expectations of what they hope to hear from the artists.


I always forget that I genuinely love Aminé until a song of his comes up in my shuffle. I was beyond excited when I heard he would be performing at Movin’ On.

While it is likely that we will hear Aminé’s famous hits like “Caroline” and “Spice Girl,” I’m really hoping Aminé plays “RATCHET SATURN GIRL.”

I remember when I first discovered this song, I immediately wanted to blast it as loud as I possibly could. The first minute of this track is filled with an undeniable energy that a large crowd would significantly elevate.

However, it is likely that the change in beat, sound and vibe halfway through the song will prevent it from making Aminé’s set. The much more chill second half of this track is part of the reason I love it so much, but it may not work well in a live performance.

There’s always the chance that Aminé works “RATCHET SATURN GIRL” into a transition into another song/medley. Hopefully, something like this does work out because this song contains the perfect energy for next week's festival. - Sophia D’Ovidio

“Out of My League” - Fitz and the Tantrums

I am just as excited as the next person for Jack Harlow to arrive to State College, but I believe that Fitz and the Tantrums should be the closing act for Movin’ On. Fitz and the Tantrums will certainly bring an incredible amount of energy to the stage, despite their slow decline in popularity in recent years.

Fitz and the Tantrums have a number of songs that were popular in the mid to late 2010s, so the nostalgia factor combined with their upbeat dance music will undoubtedly make for a great show.

“Out of My League” is the perfect song to sing and dance to with your friends to celebrate the end of the school year. The song makes me think of wild and carefree nights with friends, and that is what Movin’ On should be all about.

Since the announcement that Fitz and the Tantrums will be performing at Movin’ On, I have not stopped imagining the feeling of being finished with classes for the semester, going to Movin’ On with some friends and spending the evening enjoying a variety of musical performances; all leading up to the performance of this song to close out the night and signify that Penn State’s students will soon be ‘Movin’ On’ onto bigger and better things. - Rachel Newnam

“WHATS POPPIN’” - Jack Harlow

Similarly to many other Penn Staters, earlier this month I was ecstatic to hear Jack Harlow, Aminé, Fitz and the Tantrums and the Aces would be performing at Movin’ On this year.

Many of these performers have at least one recognizable song that is a given to be performed.

Whether people have heard of some of these artists or not, there is still an important question. What should we expect from this year’s performers?

First, there is headliner Jack Harlow. What’s a Harlow show without “WHATS POPPIN’''? Throughout his 2022 shows, this track has been said to be a common closer. After all, every good artist saves the best for last.

There is no doubt Harlow will perform his latest singles “Nail Tech” and “First Class,” which have been all the talk around the music industry, and chart toppers on the Billboard Hot 100. Along with its chart debut, “First Class” gained the approval of NFL star, Tom Brady, as revealed in a recent TikTok post.

Two personal favorites I look forward to hearing are “Tyler Herro” and “Industry Baby.” It can be expected that those two will be crowd-pleasers.

Next, we have Aminé. His 2017 hit “Caroline” is essential, no question about it.

Earlier this year I coincidentally ran into some of Aminé’s other songs. Three I have high hopes to see him perform are “RED MERCEDES,” “REEL IT IN” and “Charmander.”

Fitz and the Tantrums is the artist that I am personally the most unfamiliar with, however, thanks to TikTok, “Out of My League” will surely hold its rightful place in the pop-punk band’s set.

Another song that seems to be fair game is HandClap which peaked at No. 53 during its time in the Hot 100.

The Aces may be considered the least known out of the entire lineup, however they are not to be underestimated. The first time I saw them I didn’t know what to expect, but when they hit the stage, they gained at least one more fan that day.

For those who are unfamiliar with the all-girl band, “Volcanic Love”, “Daydream”, and “Stuck” are worth a listen. Especially if you are a fan of alternative/indie pop, you are surely in for a treat. - Abby Chachoute


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