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"Turn On The Lights again..” (feat Future) - Fred again.. & Swedish House Mafia

Fred again.., who was relatively unknown until recently has officially broken onto the scene in both the producer and DJ world. After producing a few tracks for Ed Sheeran and featuring in a Boiler Room set, all eyes have been on him. With this collaboration, Fred again.. proves his worth by dropping one of the best songs of the summer.

Sampling a decade-old Future song into an EDM banger with ambitious buildups and extraordinary beat drops, each second of the track is used wisely. Future’s crooning resonates with a wide range of audiences as his lyrics are simple, yet effective. The lead synthesizer used is euphoric and sounds out of this world.

It is the perfect track for parties or speeding down freeways — the energy is unmatched. This track should be in the rotation of plenty for a long time, and it will be exciting to see where Fred again.. and the already established Swedish House Mafia go next.

- Caelan Chevrier

“Mercury” - Steve Lacy

Steve Lacy teased his latest album, “Gemini Rights,” with the single, “Mercury” and there could not have been the better choice. Many people love “Bad Habit,” but the quirky grooviness of “Mercury” is an easy song to have on repeat.

The drum machine collaborating with other percussion sound effects makes a perfect foot-tapping song. As normal, Lacy has a godly voice that can do anything. His voice range is insane and the fact he can go all over the place in pitch in one song truly shows how talented he is.

This song is on the more meaningful side, as Lacy talks about romantic relationships and how his astrological sign is to blame for them being difficult or failing. The name of the album gives it away: Lacy is a Gemini who has a reputation for being two-faced and having several personalities.

Jazz/hip-hop fans should listen to “Mercury” as it was the song of the summer for many.

- Emily McGlynn


Lemon Tree- Post Malone

This cut comes off of Post Malone’s latest album “Twelve Carat Toothache.”

The track speaks on Malone’s view of uncontrollable circumstances in the world and his belief that he got stuck in an unfavorable spot.

He portrays this message through an ancient comparison of fruit trees. While others get their weight in sweet fruits, he’s stuck living the sour life of a lemon.

Malone then shifts his tone to exclaim that he won’t just accept this discrepancy, but he will work to give himself a better life.

Outside of the lyrics, this song represents a stylistic outreach for Post Malone. The instrumental is an acoustic guitar ballad and he sings his lyrics in a slower, deliberate manner.

While Malone has a collection of lighter songs in his discography, “Lemon Tree” stands out as a highlight.

The only perceived detriment to the track is Malone’s weird, viral vocal sway when he sings the word “better.”

- Evan Smith


I Like You (A Happier Song) - Post Malone & Doja Cat

In the beginning of June, Post Malone released his fourth studio album, "Twelve Carat Toothache." This album features several collabs, three of which climbed up the Billboard Hot 100.

A part of this trio is his collaboration with Doja Cat on “I Like You”.

In this track, Malone diverges from his usual style and takes a very light-hearted, playful approach.

The arrangement was set to an upbeat tone giving the track a child-like feel. Malone followed suit with his voice going a bit softer, without losing his signature sound.

The popularity of this track can be attributed to not only the height of popularity between the two A-listers, but also the fact that the tone of this song stood out from most mainstream music today.

Just when fans thought it couldn’t get any better, Malone released a music video accompanying the track one month later. Since its initial drop, the video has racked up over 26 million views on YouTube.

This video opens with the rapper in a smock creating a painting of the girl that is his muse of the song. Throughout the video, Doja Cat and Malone channel their inner-child with hand games, dancing playfully and lying in the middle of the field of flowers.

Seeing this side of Malone was most definitely a treat for fans, and shows that regardless of the new styles the rapper branches out to, he has the musical Midas touch.

- Abigail Chachoute


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