Life During Covid-19

Story/Video posted April 13, 2020 in Covid-19 by Elizabeth Irvin.


Students from across the United States come together to discuss how their lives have changed since Covid-19. Every student has a different story to share on what has happened since the outbreak and what they think the future holds for them and for their country.

At the beginning of this crisis, we saw very little known cases, as this became more of a pandemic, students started reporting more cases and even some deaths because of the illness.They share their greatest moments of family gatherings and their greatest defeats of graduation being cancelled. These students are sharing these new experiences together as they take on new challenges in the coming days.

Participating in the story, Lilian Swartzell, Justin Lange, Paige Hooven, Joe Harre, Brynn Laurash, Caitlin Lee, Amanda Thieu, Alicia Chiang, Ethan cook, and Rachel Gelfand. 

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