COVID-19: Keeping the Family Close

Story/Video posted May 5, 2020 in Covid-19 by Carli Tornetta .

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Pa.----Since the COVID-19 outbreak took hold and states began to shut down, thirty million Americans lost their jobs. My family and I are some of the lucky ones who are still able to work. The family business, Main Street Pizzeria and Grille, has allowed us to escape isolation and at the same time maintain our sanity. Some would imagine that working and living together could cause friction but in our case, we have become closer than ever.


In Montgomery County, just under five thousand people have contracted COVID-19. Steps have been taken for essential businesses to keep those numbers low and to keep employees and patrons safe. All customers who enter must be wearing a mask. Businesses like Walmart and Costco are only allowing a certain number of shoppers in the store at one time. Shoppers must stand 6 feet apart and entrances and exits are marked. Restaurants like my family's are providing contact free delivery. 

Life during the pandemic is different for every American but it has affected us all. For facts about COVID-19 visit  

Music in the video sourced from and from Podington Bear - “Starling”

People in the video: Jay Tornetta, Jen Tornetta, Nathaniel Tornetta, Sydney Tornetta, Alyssa O'neill, Ava Oneill.