Quarantine Confessions

Story/Video posted April 13, 2020 in Covid-19 by Brynn Laurash.


In the middle of Spring Break, Penn State students recieved an unexpected announcement that classes will be online for three weeks following the break due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Though it wasn't ideal for a lot of students, there was still hope for a return back to campus for the end of the semester. Unfortunately, the virus was worse than expected and all in-person classes were cancelled for the rest of the semester and students are to finish online. This also meant that graduation was moved to an online ceremony as well.

With all of this new information, students all over Pennsylvania reacted to what they wish they knew about the virus, what they know now about the virus, what quarantine has showed them, and what advice they would give to their younger selves. Though this situtation isn't what many students pictured to be the end to their semester or even the end of their college career, the safety of the students and faculty has been the most important issue to Penn State and they are doing what they can to accomodate everyone during this unfortunate and sad time. The contributors in this video include: Amanda Thieu, Justin Lange, Lauren Ansell, Rachel Gelfand, Paige Hooven, Elizabeth Irvin, Carli Tornetta, and Lillian Swartzell.