“Dead To Me” - Season 3 Review

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This past month, Netflix released the third and final season of “Dead To Me,” starring Christina Applegate as Jen Harding and Linda Cardellini as Judy Hale. This bittersweet season spans 10 episodes, and the tremendous acting and an unpredictable plot keeps viewers watching until the bitter end.

The season begins with the aftermath of a recent hit and run in which Judy and Jen were the victims. Both women were sent to the hospital, however Jen was more severely impacted, while Judy was only left with a few scratches.

While at the hospital, Judy and Jen both get CT scans to ensure that there is nothing internally wrong with them. Under closer inspection, the doctor revealed that shadows were found on Judy’s results, meaning that she has cancer.

Throughout this season, there are so many questions that the audience has, and we are given all of the answers. Will Judy and Jen be convicted of Steve Wood’s murder from Season 1? Will Wood’s body ever be found? Who is responsible for the hit and run that nearly killed both Judy and Jen? Will Judy survive her tragic cancer diagnosis? This season keeps viewers engaged as each question is answered one by one to wrap up this iconic series.

Throughout each season, the acting of each cast member was noteworthy. Linda Cardellini plays the sarcastic and optimistic role of Judy Hale perfectly, as her co-host, Applegate plays her realistic and blunt best friend to perfection. The two actresses play off of each other to create a funny and likable version of heavy topics and events. These two talents are perfectly casted in their roles and bring the show's vision to life through their flawless performances.

In addition to the tremendous acting, the character development portrayed helped to fully develop this series and bring it to a thoughtful ending. One character that stands out above the rest is Ben Wood, brother of Steve Wood who was murdered in Season 1.

Ben Wood is a former alcoholic who was formerly seen as reckless and problematic. In Season 3, viewers see that he tries to turn his life around. He stops drinking after almost committing a fatal mistake and his caring and emotional side comes out. He cares deeply about Jen and shows that by caring for Jen and her sons, as well as Judy.

The “Dead To Me” series provides viewers with the comedic and optimistic side of grief. Everyone goes through grief in their lives, and every person handles it differently. The plot of this series shows viewers that loss sucks, and grief is inevitable, but it’s the way in which you handle the hand that you are dealt that will allow you to sink or swim.

The “Dead To Me” series had plot twists, back stabbings, emotional situations and of course a little bit of comedy. In the end, the outstanding acting and character development kept viewers engaged for the entire series and left everyone satisfied as the series came to a final close.

Rating: 4/5

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