Election 2014 in video and pictures: Afternoon

Story posted November 4, 2014 in Election 2014 by College of Communications.

Centre County residents began voting at 7 a.m. today in an election that will determine the next governor of Pennsylvania.

One Day A Year


Rick Gilmore takes one day off every year working for the election committee at State College. Although he is a full time associated professor of psychology at Penn State, Gilmore believes that it is everyone’s responsibility to support the election. So if he has class on the election day he will cancel that class and volunteer for the committee.

~ Ruoyi Li



Kelly Mark’s Election Day experience is probably one she hopes she doesn’t repeat.

~ Shuray McCallum

Voter Confusion in Bellefonte


Deborah Flavin is the Executive Director of the Centre County Republican Party. Her usual Election Day responsibilities include checking in on the candidates, organizing volunteers, and replacing signs that have been pulled up. This year, however, she faced a challenge that was completely new to her. Signs that read "No Trespassing" had been put up at a Bellefonte precinct on 303 Forge Road, leaving voters unsure about whether to enter.

~ John Dillard

Campaigning for Re-election

Incumbent Pennsylvania Representative Scott Conklin takes time out from campaigning outside of the Oakwood Centre in State College to dusicuss the midterm elections. 

~ Melissa Grisewood 

Campaigning in the 81st

Ian Thompson is campaigning for Rich Irvin, a Republican candidate for the 81st District seat in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Irvin's opponent is incumbent State Representative Mike Fleck, who lost to Irvin in the Republican primary but emerged as the victorious write-in candidate in the Democratic primary. Thompson paused in his campaigning this afternoon to explain the importance of voting in this election.

~ Bessie Floresgomez 

Marshalling the Democratic vote

The lead-up to this year's midterm election has been extremely busy for Luis Rolfo, communications chair for the Penn State College Democrats. Apart from organizing active campaigns and facilitating voter registration on campus, his team has worked closely with the Centre County Democratic Committee.

~Akash Ghai


Making college student voices heard


Carmine Saloman is a Penn State senior who joined the student group "Penn State Works," which is a pro labor group. He came out today to campaign for Tom Wolf and encourage other Penn State students to vote. He says that he believes there are issues that affect everyone and voting is a way for students' voices to be heard.

~ Carla McDuffie 


A voter for seven decades


Albert E. Stevenson is an election official working today at Friends Meetinghouse in State College. His day began at 6 a.m. and won't finish until 9:30 when he brings the ballots to Bellefonte.

Shocked by only 50 completed ballots of the 1,200 registered voters, Stevenson reminisces about how politics and the right to vote has always been an important part of his life. He says, "You don't get to change things you can't change. You have to live with it. If you could change it, make a change. And with elections, you can make a change."

~ Alanna Haefner

The Voice of Experience


Jeff Kern is a State College resident who has worked as an election official for the past 15 years. He is currently helping to run the poll booths at the Chinese Alliance Church at 1117 William St. which serves as both a church and preschool. While he says he has seen an influx of young people and first time voters exhibiting a generation of voter turnover, he believes that many more students and young people should be voting and getting involved in the community.

~ Sydney Grau

Meet the Candidate

Scott Conklin is the Pennsylvania State Representative for the 77th legislative district in Centre County.  Conklin was campaigning one more time this election season, spending Election Day outside the polls greeting voters.

~ Patrick Groundwater

High School Students Help with Election at Penn State

A high school student named Danny from Bellefonte helps out with voting at the HUB-Robeson Center during the Nov. 4 election.

~ Sarah Caskie

First Time Voter

Penn State sophomore Terrin Hartman voted for the first time this election day.  Though he is from San Diego, California, he believes making a vote that affects Pennsylvania will only benefit him and his classmates during their time while at Penn State.

~ by Kelsie Johnson

I Just Don't Like Him

Seth Krepps is a fourth year Computer Engineering student who is involved on campus as an RA and is also involved in the military.  Despite the low student voter turnout for the midterm elections, he made sure that he came out to cast his vote and make his voice heard.

~ Nicole Suder

Having A Voice

Volunteers from various parties attended the HUB today to encourage students to get to the polls. While Governor Tom Corbett’s race against opponent Tom Wolf was among the most popular topics, one student, Eric Jacobs, spent the afternoon supporting Glenn Thompson.

~ Victoria Burdo

Confidence In The Process

Mellvin Willem has been volunteering at the Unity Church polling location for three years. His time working as an Election Day volunteer has taught him to have faith in our system; revealing to him the detail and preparation that truly goes into the running of an election.

~ Thomas Simmons

One  In A Million Matters

Taylor Griffin, a Phoenix, Arizona native believes every political race an important one, whether in your home state or not.  She believes that even though you may only be one-in-a-million, you still have the ability to enact a positive advance in the political system.

~ Samantha Haig

Every Vote Counts

 PJ Monella campaigned for State Representative Scott Conklin outside the HUB polling station on Election Day. Monella believes Conklin's support for education makes him the best candidate. Conklin's opponent was the Charles Martin, a Penn State student running as a Libertarian. 

~ Mark Leskovansky

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