Election 2014 in video and pictures: Evening

Story posted November 4, 2014 in Election 2014 by College of Communications.

Centre County residents began voting at 7 a.m. today in an election that will determine the next governor of Pennsylvania. Voters were still arriving at the polls after sunset.

The volunteer


Terry Nolls volunteers at her local precinct and expects to work 14 hours on Election Day. She says she volunteers on Election Day because she believes in democracy and it gives her a chance to serve the community she loves.

~ Greg Surine

The Campaigner


Joe Ralbovsky is the Communications Director for the Kerith Strano Taylor Congressional campaign. For the past two weeks he has been going house-to-house to urge people to vote. Today he has helped students find their designated voting polls.

~ Doneese Harris

Busy mayor takes time out to vote


After a day of campaigning, State College Mayor Elizabeth Goreham, headed to the polls this evening to vote. She said she was pleased with the voter turnout she had seen today, both on campus and downtown. Goreham has served as mayor of State College since 2010 and is an experienced election observer. She said she realizes that voting this year is not as popular as it was during the last presidential election and may be even less next year's municipal elections. She says it is important for voters' voices to be heard every election day.

~ Mikel Jones

Profit motive for a poll worker


The State College Borough Building was inhabited today by a group of energetic high schoolers eager to take the day off school, work as poll attendants and get paid. Gaby Rosado, a senior at Bellefonte area high school says this restless group had been at work since 5 o'clock this morning and are expected to stay till about 10 o'clock that night. Despite the long hours, Gaby and the group are committed to "Getting Dat Money."

~ Donavon Stadel

Campaigning for Conklin


Todd Brown and others took time out of his day off in order to help volunteer at the Knights of Columbus on Strafford Drive in State College. Brown works for State Representative Scott Conklin On Election Day he passed out notepads to would be voters. Inside of the Knights of Columbus, other volunteers walked the voters through the process and played games to keep busy during the times in which the voting traffic was slow.

~ Bradley Welle

Get Out  The Vote

A state college resident, budding political activist, and state college Democratic party volunteer, Natalya Meyer spent her election day rallying voters for the Democratic cause. Natalya spent most of the afternoon into the evening trying to attract voters by dancing outside of the HUB Robeson Center. Natayla fears that low voter turn out among Penn State students could be a sign that they feel their vote doesn’t make a difference. Natayla disagrees and believes every person’s vote in every election matters.

~ Meghan Snyder



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