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Story posted November 4, 2014 in Election 2014 by College of Communications.

Centre County residents began voting at 7 a.m. today in an election that will determine the next governor of Pennsylvania.

Working hard for good goverment


No task was too small for Greg Stewart, the chairman of the Centre County Democratic Committee, as he worked to keep today's election running smoothly -- even if it meant unjamming a stapler outside the Park Crest Terrace polling place in State College. He has been participating in local politics since he was in high school. "I just enjoy the social part of it," Stewart said, "and also try to provide good governments."

~ Yang Hong

Election Provides A Rich Experience For High Schoolers

Election official Andrew Jackson says it's important to involve young people in the voting process and educate them about their civic duty. Bellfonte Area High School senior Clarissa Miller volunteered her time at the polls on election day and said she benefitted from the experience.

~ Samantha Lantz


An official's View of Election Day


Ruth Merritt is an elected Judge of Elections. She is in charge of watching over the activities that take place at the polls at College Heights School. She is in charge of making sure that people are aware of proper election day procedures.

~ Brittany Rizzo

A small business view of the election


Annetta Pierce runs the Christian Science Reading Room and Bookstore.  She explains how, regardless of who wins the election this year, she hopes that they can help small business' thrive in the State College community.

~ Colin Bradley

They Know Where I Am

Jim Leous’ day began before 6am and will end after his kids are asleep. He says it’s worth it because “it’s everyone’s right to vote”.

~ Charles Jones

An Avid Campaigner

Joe Ralbovsky is working on his second campaign at Penn State. For this election he has been going around campaigning for people to vote.  Today he is working at the polls to make sure people know that they are in the right place and provide them with information about both parties.

~ Sean Grier

Mike's Place

Alan Abruzzo moved to State College over 30 years ago to open his business, Mike’s Video Inc. For 20 of those years, he has allowed his storefront to be a polling place. Abruzzo says he typically gets 40 to 50 customers in a day. On Nov. 4, 2014 he expects around 400 to walk through his doors. Although holding polls in his store hurts business on Election Day, Abruzzo says he is happy to give back to the community he loves.

~ Leah Polakoff

The Right To Vote

Heritage Hall, in the HUB Robeson Center, is one of many polling places where voters can cast their vote in State College on Election Day. Volunteers Joe Ralbovski and P.J. Monella dedicate their entire day to encouraging the students of Penn State to come out and vote as well as helping them with any questions or concerns that they had. The right to vote is something that both Ralbovski and Monella are very passionate about.

~ Kellie Yekel

Working the polls can be tough

Ralph McChesney has volunteered at election polling locations in State College, Pa for the past 12 years.  McChesney knows better than anyone else about the hard task of manning the polling stations for 15 hours.

~ Hannah Byrne

The non-voter

Michael Katz is a senior at Penn State who does not have a strong desire to vote during this gubernatorial election. Katz says he doesn't think he is educated enough on the issues to decide between the two candidates for governor. He said that one day he hopes to brief himself on the topics that will be affecting his life so that he can participate in elections and do his due diligence through voting.

~ Lindsay McAvoy

Part of the community

State College Resident, Mary Jane Wild, visits the College Heights School on North Atherton street to vote today as she does every election day. Wild finds it very important to vote because everyone has a say and they need to exercise their right to vote and make sure they see who they want in office. Wild makes sure to remind her friends and family to make sure that they are registered to vote because otherwise she feels "we're not fulfilling our democratic duty."

~ Giuliana Giuffrida

The precinct judge


Michelle Hamilton, a New York native, has been an avid voter for years at State College. She was a precinct judge this morning at the Center Region Senior Center on Fraser Street. She says she enjoys the voting process and especially the days leading up to the election. She thinks this year's midterm election has been better than previous midterms since there has been more advertising than normal, which encourages everyone to vote.

~ Sarah Weber

Come Out and Vote

Ryan Curry, a reporter at the Daily Collegian, is covering today’s voting. As a freshman, Ryan looked pretty nervous trying to approach people, and he got upset when people turned him down. Since it is a slow day at the polls, it was difficult to find people to talk to, and the election officials seemed to be tired of all the journalists trying to get interviews.

~ Tomy Yan

Long day ahead for poll workers


Kalvin is a Bellefonte Area High School senior who spent his day Tuesday working the polls with three friends at the Centre Region Senior Center on South Fraser Street.  The polls close at 8 p.m., but Kalvin said he anticipates being there a little longer to count the written ballots.

~ Ray McDowell

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