Exploring Malaysian Culture

Story/Video posted April 2, 2018 in


The Malaysian Convention took place March, 24, 2018, on Saturday in HeritageHall at the HUB. The event was hosted by the Malaysian Student Club. The secretary for the Malaysian Convention Rashidah Othman, a senior majoring in Psychology arrived at early Saturday morning to help with set up. During the convention Othman’s job was to make sure everything ran smoothly.
Othman talked about her favorite activities at the convention. Most importantly what she hoped members from the community would take away from the event. She helped with behind the scene and also participated “Bamboo Dance” which is called "Sabah".  Her favorite part of the event was the food and games. She wants people to learn more about the Malaysian cultures at PSU. 

Reporter: Imaani Allen

The film was edited by Haeun Cho