“Gettin’ Old”  - Luke Combs Album Review

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There have been a lot of great country albums released lately, in preparation for the upcoming summer. This includes Luke Combs’ new album “Gettin’ Old.”

This is the sister album to “Growin’ Up” which was released in 2022. The covers of these two albums are the reverse of each other, both featuring half of Combs’ face but on opposite sides.

Combs did a similar thing with his first two albums “This One’s for You” and “This One’s for You Too.”

This album fits in well with his discography, and features classic upbeat country along with some slower and deeper songs.

Of course, he incorporates his classic themes of girls, drinking with friends and what it is like to be famous.

Upon first listen this album feels repetitive to what he has released in the past, but the more you listen to it the more unique and memorable each song becomes.

The first song on the tracklist is “Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old” which starts off the album very strong. This song is all about being able to still raise hell with the boys even when you’re old. While this song is great, all that comes to mind are boys that peaked in high school singing this when they are in their forties.

Along with this song, a few of the other more upbeat songs include “Hannah Ford Road,” and “Fox in the Henhouse.”

The only single released previous to the album was “Five Leaf Clover,'' which was a little disappointing. Many expected this song to be similar to other love songs of Combs’ like “Better Together '' or “Beautiful Crazy.” However, the song was a little more bland than those of his past.

The song is about him being a lucky man, which is a great song idea, except he has done it already. “When it Rains it Pours” has the same idea, but is executed better.

Aside from that, the slower songs are very well done. “Tattoo on a Sunburn” and “The Part” are a little more intimate and widen the range of the album.

Two songs that go together and are notable are “A Song Was Born” and “My Song Will Never Die.” These tunes really make you think about life, but what great country song doesn’t?

Combs’ is known to write many of his own songs, but maybe one of the best on the album is actually a cover. Combs’ version of “Fast Car” stays pretty true to many covers to come before it but of course features a sense of country twang.

All in all, this album is really well done and an excellent addition to Combs’ discography.

Rating: 8/10 stars

Reviewer’s favorite songs: “Fast Car,” “Back 40 Back,” “Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old,” “Tattoo on a Sunburn”

Reviewer’s least favorite songs: “The Part,” “See Me Now”

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