Grey’s Anatomy Season 18: Episode 13 Review

posted April 5, 2022 in

Watching a new episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” every week is just a reminder of how much the show has changed.

In the earlier seasons, each episode had the audience on the edge of their seats. Every week the plot became more dramatic and more enticing.

While the new episodes are still entertaining and keep the plot moving, it is still hard to become invested in the current story and characters.

This week’s episode is mainly centered around a patient who came into the ER with a python wrapped around him. A high-stakes emergency like this had so much potential for a high-energy episode. Yet the episode was still less than anticipated.

Bailey and a team of surgeons managed to get the snake to release the victim, and then attended to him.

During this time Richard realized that he almost made a fatal mistake, and by the end of the episode reveals to his wife, Catherine, that he wants to have tests run to check his mental state and motor skills.

This plotline has been played out so many times in the past with Richard. As one of three original cast members left, the audience has seen him retire, un-retire, and repeat. He has lived through so many life-threatening catastrophes; it would be truly surprising if he stopped operating or left the show.

This could be the main plot for the upcoming episode; however, it would be true Grey’s fashion to offer up something interesting for once and then make fans wait two weeks to mention it again.

Other than this, Meredith finally introduced this season’s love interest to her kids, who received him with open arms. This is her second boyfriend since the passing of her husband Derik, in season eleven.

Fans thought Meredith and her last boyfriend, Nathan, were end game after she introduced him to the kids, however, he didn’t last long after that, so who knows if this means the end is near for Nick.

Along with that, there was a guest star who might be a recurring character.

Skylar Astin who is most known for his leading role in “Pitch Perfect”, guest stars as an expecting mother’s worried brother. As he assists his sister in getting ready for surgery, he becomes very close with Jo.

They end the episode by going on a date. This is great for fans of Jo because she is finally getting over Linc. However, for Linc fans, the episode left it as if he might be having second thoughts about Jo after all.

It is hard to tell if they will end up together or not, but the back and forth of this relationship is getting old.

Overall, this episode was more entertaining than others this season because of the guest star, and because of the bomb that Richard dropped on his wife. However, it still just felt like more of the same, Meredith in Minnesota, uncomfortable love triangles and so little more.

Next week’s episode has hopes up, as it will most definitely contain something of interest whether that is with patient stories or the results of Richard’s drama.

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