Pollution: Hong Kong’s Health Crisis

Video posted May 6, 2015 in Hong Kong by Katie McKenna.


Hong Kongers work in one of Asia’s most dynamic cities, but live under a grey cloud of smog.

Imagine the population of New York City packed into an area one fourth of the size – pollution is inescapable and the future for Hong Kong is looking darker.

Air pollution poses the largest daily health threat to Hong Kong’s people, killing 3,000 last year according the South China Morning Post. According to the government’s clean air plan published in 2013, there are only sixty days of “safe” air quality a year for outdoor activities.

Activist group, The Clean Air Network, reports that most pollution is caused by vehicle emissions and roadside pollution. Cargo ships and smog from factories on the nearby Guangzhou province in Mainland China also contribute to the unsafe air quality.

Hong Kong’s ports bring in two thirds more cargo than all west coast ports in the continental United States combined.

For more, reporter Katie McKenna takes a look into how pollution is affection Hong Kong’s people.